Meghan McCain Completely Lashes Out At And Just Like That. Here's What She Said

"And Just Like That" the reviews are in... and they're quite mixed. 

Fans' dreams of a "Sex and the City" reboot have finally come true with the HBO Max release of "And Just Like That." The reboot follows the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda as they navigate love and life in their 50s without their fourth wheel, Samantha. Actors Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon returned to the small screen to recreate their iconic roles that changed the game with regard to how female sexuality was depicted on television.

"I think, actually, every day figuring out who Carrie is, who is Charlotte, who is Miranda? Putting that back together is probably not quite as simple as some might think," Parker said to Entertainment Tonight at the "And Just Like That" premiere event. "You may recall how they sound and walk and talk," continued the star, "it will become abundantly clear that, like for many people, time and experiences and cities and environment and circumstances tend to dictate who you are when you walk out the door."

As reviews pour in on "And Just Like That," it's clear the show's efforts to point to the reality of New York City in 2021 when it comes to diversity, race, and politics aren't sitting right with the entire audience, including former talk show host Meghan McCain. The political commentator lashed out at the reboot, calling it "misguided" and claiming the show left her "disappointed and depressed" in her scathing Daily Mail column. What did the former "The View" co-host have to say?

Meghan McCain blames the political climate for 'And Just Like That'

In her Daily Mail column, former "The View" co-host Meghan McCain made her disappointment in the "Sex and the City" reboot, "And Just Like That," crystal clear, blaming the 2021 political climate for altering a show she once loved. "'SATC' was a true cultural phenomenon and for many reasons we should be forever grateful for the barriers that it broke regarding open conversations about women and sexuality," McCain wrote, revealing she became a fan during her formative years studying in New York City. "The problem with the new series is the clumsy attempt to reformat the show into the woke and puritanical times we are living in."

McCain continued, "It is wokeness superficially shoved down your throat to make a point about wealthy white liberal women 'evolving' into the political climate of 2021." The conservative commentator went on to critique the reboot's new diverse cast, suggesting that "it's almost if they were written into the script to satisfy the PC censors."

The show's newfound diversity has become a selling point for "And Just Like That," however, as fans looked back at "SATC" lack of diverse characters. "It's so great to be cast in this role but it's even greater that she's so well written," said Nicole Ari Parker to Deadline, new star of "And Just Like That." "They didn't just hire diverse actors, they're giving them hopes and dreams and issues like the rest of the cast."