Radio Host Implores Donald Trump Not To Endorse This Candidate

In the many months since Donald Trump bid adieu to his presidential tenure, there's been no secrecy surrounding his desire to take back the White House. Aside from his tireless tirades regarding his erroneous claims that the White House was stolen from him via election fraud, Trump's other approaches toward a win in 2024 are more reality-based: power-brokering through GOP endorsements for the 2022 midterms and fundraising.

Considering Trump is still an omnipresent and influential force within the Republican party, this strategy has arguably worked well for the ex-president so far, keeping current GOP lawmakers in the Senate and the House on high alert. (However, it has caused irreparable damage for others like Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.) And although many residents of MAGA-land have applauded and backed Trump's efforts so far, at least one conservative radio host has provided blunt feedback, telling the former president he should not endorse this controversial candidate.

Radio DJ warns endorsement would be a disaster

During a December radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, the disc jockey pleaded with Donald Trump to abstain from backing former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens for Senate, according to Business Insider. After calling the prospect of endorsing Greitens a "nightmare," Hewitt asserted that Republicans would "lose that seat" in Missouri despite Trump's endorsement. Though Hewitt did not explicitly say why, his comments were most likely based on a 2018 finance scandal involving Greitens, who allegedly used allocated state funds to back his campaign. Not to mention the claims of sexual assault and sexual misconduct made by a woman with whom he'd had an affair, per Business Insider. (Greitens resigned as governor that same year.)

Trump, who has faced allegations of sexual assault himself, appeared to take a "both siderism" approach to Hewitt's appeal. "Well, that's an interesting opinion, that's true," Trump said to Hewitt, before stating Greitens is, poll-wise, "leading by quite a bit." (This is true.)

Hewitt's plea to Trump came four months after the ex-president endorsed Sean Parnell for Senate in Pennsylvania. Parnell later suspended his campaign on November 22 due to allegations he once strangled his ex-wife and physically abused their children. Dr. Mehmet Oz has since taken his spot, announcing his run a week later. 

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