The Truth About Michelle Kwan's New Job In Joe Biden's Administration

Figure skating champion Michelle Kwan is set to tackle a new job, and it happens to be with President Joe Biden's administration. In the years since hanging up her ice skates, Kwan has become increasingly involved in the political arena. Now, she will embark on a new adventure of promoting the United States' worldwide diplomacy efforts.

During her years of competing in the ice skating world, Kwan won two Olympic medals, five World Championships, and nine U.S. National Championships, according to the Special Olympics website. She was just 12 years old when she started competing nationally, according to China Daily, and she was 15 when she won her first world title.

As her competitive skating career wrapped, Kwan attended the University of Denver and graduated with a bachelor's degree with a focus in international relations, detailed a White House statement. After earning her bachelor's degree, Kwan attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, earning a master's degree. She then jumped into the political realm, joining the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs within the Department of State as a senior advisor. Kwan has stayed involved in politics since that initial position, and now Biden has tapped her for a new one.

Michelle Kwan is utilizing her prior political experience

According to the White House statement released on December 15, President Joe Biden has nominated Michelle Kwan to be an ambassador to Belize. Prior to this nomination, she was the first person appointed to the position of public diplomacy envoy in 2006. Then, "for a decade, [she] traveled extensively on behalf of the U.S. Department of State to engage youth around the world on social and educational issues," noted the White House.

After that position, she took on an advising role for the U.S.-China Women's Leadership Exchange and Dialogue (per KCAL). In 2012, Kwan became a senior adviser for public affairs and public diplomacy within the State Department. She was involved in both Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign as well as Biden's, and Clinton took to Twitter after the ambassadorship news emerged, to note she felt Kwan was "an excellent choice" for the Belize ambassadorship.

"If confirmed, I will be very proud to serve my country," Kwan shared after the nomination (per CNN). "Belize is full of incredible history and culture, and has been a tremendous partner to the United States," she added. Kwan detailed she looked "forward to working with the Belizean government on economic issues, to put an end to this pandemic, and to address the root causes of migration." Kwan had reportedly been lobbying to receive an ambassador post, and it sounds as if she's ready to get to work.