How Cardi B Is Sticking Up For Lil' Kim

Cardi B is known for being outspoken. The "WAP" rapper has never been afraid to speak her mind on social media, whether it's clapping back at haters online or roasting former U.S. President Donald Trump. "This is my lane," Cardi tweeted in response to critics calling on her to "stay in [her] lane" after sharing her political opinions against Trump. "Im a American that pays taxes right?"

Cardi's quick Twitter fingers have also shown her followers some pretty hilarious interactions with other stars. The "I Like It" singer famously fangirled over "You" actor Penn Badgley on social media when the streaming star mentioned her in an interview. "OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!!" Cardi tweeted, "Yoooo like I'm famous famous."

However not all of Cardi's interactions with other celebrities have been positive. Cardi's most notable feud was with fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj, who Cardi allegedly attacked with her shoe at a New York Fashion Week party in 2018 for allegedly spreading lies about the "Love & Hip-Hop" star, TMZ reports. And now, Cardi is now sticking up for someone else who has been on the other side of a beef with Minaj, rap legend Lil' Kim, in a major way.

Cardi B wants to collaborate with Lil' Kim

Cardi B defended Lil' Kim on Twitter after a user pointed out the hate the rap legend receives online. "I'm tired of it and it's heartbreaking," Cardi said of the disrespect towards Lil' Kim. "She is so sweet, supportive and a REAL F***IN LEGEND."

One fan responded to Cardi's supportive tweets demanding the rapper collab with Lil' Kim to show support. "Before a artist I am a woman wit feelings and I know how much it hurts to constantly get picked on," Cardi explained, adding, "When I collab wit her is going to be at the right time & the right song. I don't rush BIG MOMENTS!" Cardi went on to quote-tweet a soundbite from a Lil' Kim fan account. The audio featured Cardi speaking on her obsession with the iconic artist. "I f***ing love her!" Cardi said in the clip. "It's about time," she said of a collaboration, "but it has to be the perfect song though... I know the type of feel that I want; I know the type of song I wanna do with Lil' Kim."

Cardi expanded on her thoughts about holding off on collabing with Lil' Kim in a separate tweet. "Until I don't have the right song for a artist I'm not going to rush it cause if the song don't make sense and it don't do good then I will feel terrible," Cardi tweeted, adding, "It don't take away from her greatest."