What Does Joe Biden Really Think About Running Against Donald Trump Again?

Joe Biden and Donald Trump don't exactly have the friendliest of relationships. Things got pretty nasty between the two when they went head-to-head in 2020 in the battle for the White House, and there's continued to be plenty of mud slinging in the wake of Joe Biden becoming the 46th and current President of the United States.

Trump hasn't exactly hidden his feelings when it comes to Biden and how he's doing as president, slamming his former opponent at pretty much every turn. Back in August, Trump even went as far as to encourage Biden to "resign" as president due to a number of factors he felt weren't good enough, including Biden's handling of the crisis in Afghanistan and a surge in COVID cases (via Washington Examiner).

That came after Trump slammed Biden's first month as president in February — and he didn't hold back then, either. "We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad — but none of us even imagined just how bad they would be," Trump said at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) (via CNBC), even describing it as being "the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history." Ouch.

But what are the chances of another Trump vs. Biden showdown for the White House in 2024? Well, Biden just had something very interesting to say about the chances of a political repeat.

Joe Biden would take on Donald Trump again

Buckle up, America because things could be about to get ugly — again. President Joe Biden was asked about the chances of him going for a second term in the White House in 2024 and if he'd be willing to run against Donald Trump again.

Biden made it pretty clear that he had no plans to only have a single term in the Oval Office, saying on "World News Tonight" on December 22, "I'm a great respecter of fate. Fate has intervened in my life many many times. If I'm in the health I'm in now — from a good health. And, in fact, I would run again."

He was then asked about taking on Trump after that contentious 2020 White House race, to which he responded, "You're trying to tempt me now. Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump for the nominee? That'll increase the prospect of running."

And it sounds like it could very much happen. Trump has played a little coy when it comes to whether or not he'll actually run for president again, but has hinted more than once that he's not giving up on his political career. In March, he was asked by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump on her "The Right View" podcast if he'd run again in 2024, to which he responded, "You do have hope, that I can tell you. You do have hope." 

Watch this space then...