The Truth About Bob Saget's Relationship With Dave Coulier

Anyone who knew and loved Bob Saget was left devastated on January 9 when it was confirmed that the hilarious comedian and actor had died unexpectedly in a Florida hotel at the age of 65, per TMZ. Social media has been overrun with loving tributes to Saget from plenty of famous faces and fans alike since the horrific news went public, with touching memories of the late star being shared in their thousands.

One of those paying tribute was Saget's "Full House" and "Fuller House" co-star Dave Coulier, who played the childhood best friend of Danny Tanner, Saget's character. Coulier shared a heartbreaking photo of the two holding hands while on the red carpet on his Instagram, writing, "I'll never let go, brother. Love you," with a red heart. He also mourned publicly via Twitter, tweeting, "My heart is broken. I love you, Bob. Your forever brother, Dave."

Of course, Saget and Coulier originally worked together between 1987 and 1995 while appearing on eight seasons of the classic sitcom "Full House," before reuniting from 2016 until 2020 with several other of their original co-stars for the "Fuller House" reboot. But just how close were these two in real life?

Dave Coulier and Bob Saget were like brothers

Bob Saget and Dave Coulier's relationship goes way back. And we mean way back. It turns out Coulier has known Saget since he was just 17-years-old, and the two formed such a bond that the former described the latter and their co-stars as being "family" during a 2016 interview with PopSugar. Coulier also shared that had a "huge emotional attachment" to each other and the show.

But while many might think these two grew close as Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone, this bromance actually began years earlier. "It's phenomenal to be friends with guys you did a long TV series with," Coulier told in 2014 of his closeness with both Saget and Uncle Jesse actor John Stamos. "I was friends with Bob for many years before we ever ended up on 'Full House' together."

Coulier also revealed what one of the best things about shooting to fame on "Full House," and, adorably, it included Saget. "The best part of it is that John and Bob are kind of like my brothers. It was really fun to be able to just kind of kick back and have a great time with those two guys," he told Post Grad Problems in 2014.

Proving just how close these three really were, Stamos and Coulier even surprised Saget during a special New Year's Eve episode of his podcast in 2020, while Coulier previously dialed in to reveal some of their wildest moments together that October.