Kristen Stewart's Huge Snub Leaves Fans Utterly Livid

For Kristen Stewart, 2021 was an arguably fantastic year for her career. Stewart became the face of Chanel's 2021 Métiers d'Art collection and was photographed by Juergen Teller, according to The Zoe Report. In October, Stewart also announced that she began casting her directorial debut, "The Chronology of Water," per Variety. Then, in November, Stewart's highly anticipated film "Spencer" premiered in theaters. In director Pablo Larráin's biopic about Princess Diana, Stewart portrays the late royal, per Highsnobiety. The film community went wild over Stewart's uncanny likeliness to the late Princess Di. "Honestly, Kristen Stewart looks like Princess Diana's twin sister #SpencerMovie #Spencer," one fan tweeted.

Well, Stewart looking like the People's Princess might have been an easy advantage, but embodying her likeness was more difficult. "I think to do her justice is to allow her to be impulsive. Anything I watched her in, whether it was an interview, or even in a still photograph, it always feels unpredictable. Like you don't know what's going to happen," Stewart told the BBC. "And it's because she has this vulnerability and this raw emotion that she cannot conceal. There's no way to do a perfect impression of that," Stewart continued. "You have to feel it, and it has to be yours. So I think I just had to relax."

Many expected "Spencer" to sweep the award nominations this season. However, the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations put a wrench in that plan.

Twitter had plenty to say about Kristen Stewart's SAG snub

Award shows can bring out some pretty strong emotions, especially when a fan-favorite gets snubbed in the nomination process. It seems that this time, the latest huge upset came in the form of the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards, which seemingly snubbed Kristen Stewart's performance in "Spencer."

Larry Blamire, a member of the SAG nomination committee, had some strong opinions about the SAG nomination choices. "As a member of the SAG Awards nominating committee this year I'm gravely disappointed in the nominations. Ignoring the brilliance of smaller films like MASS, THE HUMANS, LANGUAGE LESSONS, plus an edgy performance like Kristen Stewart's in SPENCER. A shame," he tweeted. Reporter Nico Lang believes the "Spencer" snub is indicative of something more sinister. "Seeing Kristen Stewart be repeatedly snubbed by the Globes and now SAG is so insidious to me. It says that the film industry will accept queer excellence in a supporting capacity — say, the amazing Ariana DeBose, who deserves everything — but #1 on the call sheet? Tsk-tsk," they tweeted.

"If you want to find me, I will be yelling about the Kristen Stewart SAG snub for approximately the next week. Maybe longer," journalist Shannon O'Connor tweeted. Also, journalist Katie Minard tweeted, "no SAG Awards nomination for Kristen Stewart in Spencer is my villain origin story." Even though the snub hit film enthusiasts hard, they are still onboard for a "Spencer" Oscar nomination. As one Twitter user said, "Yeah Kristen Stewart might get an Oscar for this Spencer performance."