Saturday Night Live Clears The Air Amid Pete Davidson Rumors

Is Pete Davidson getting blinded by love? 

Let's face it, we know that the New York-born comedian is as suave as they come. Having some of Hollywood's top women — from Ariana Grande to Kate Beckinsale — swoon over him is certainly commendable. But ever since getting together with Kim Kardashian, it seems like this relationship has taken on a life of its own.

Now, you can expect to catch Davidson vacationing in the Bahamas with Kanye West's estranged wife. Or maybe they're on group dates (with Kardashian seemingly sending steamy signals to Davidson through Instagram). With such a spicy relationship between the two, it's potentially begun getting in the way of Davidson's work on "Saturday Night Live" — as there have been rumors that the comic missed rehearsals for the weekly program.

"Pete has become a total diva at 'SNL,'" a source told The Sun, claiming, "He missed the first few days of rehearsal last week and was still allowed to be in Saturday's show." The source continued lashing out, stating, "Normally, if you miss any rehearsals, you are out of the show on Saturday night, and the cast is starting to turn on him." Davidson "also now has security for when he's outside," whereas "Colin [Jost] married an actual movie star [Scarlett Johansson] and yet Pete is getting more attention." But what do reps for "Saturday Night Live" have to say?

Pete Davidson has not missed work, according to NBC officials

Despite his whirlwind romance with Kim Kardashian and reportedly missing work as a result, NBC executives have confirmed that Pete Davidson is still very present on the set of "Saturday Night Live." On January 20, an NBC spokesperson told Us Weekly, "No rehearsals have been missed" on Davidson's end and slammed the rumors as "not true."

The statement comes after a source told The Sun that Davidson "has become a total diva at SNL" and missed rehearsals without repercussions. Boasting his happy relationship with Kardashian, it'd be no surprise if he indeed did miss rehearsals. But regardless of such, those at "SNL" aren't the only feathers he's ruffled with his newfound romance. Kanye West, Kardashian's estranged husband, dropped a new track entitled "Eazy," and he targets Davidson on one bar: "God saved me from that crash / Just so I can beat Pete Davidson's a** (Who?)" raps West

West has also purchased the home across the street from Kardashian, with a source telling People that he moved there in order to "have [their] kids over as much as possible." Interestingly enough, Davidson has yet to visit Kardashian at home — but it's probably just a matter of time (and scheduling).