RHOSLC's Jen Shah Slams Jennie Nguyen For Controversial Past

The "Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City" is heading toward a real icy Season 3 (hopefully!) after all the drama that's gone down lately. Reality star Jen Shah has a trial for money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud coming up in March, according to ABC News. It has affected Jen's marriage and possibly could affect her status on the show for future seasons. "I thought that my entire world was ending. Sharrieff felt like he wasn't being a positive influence in my life," Jen told co-star Lisa Barlow on "RHOSLC" (via Us Weekly). "Like, he couldn't help me. What I didn't realize was how I was acting and because I hadn't fully told him how I was feeling, it made him feel like he was the problem."

Another cast member, Mary Cosby, broke the cardinal rule of Bravo and skipped out on the Season 2 reunion special. An insider told Page Six that Mary didn't show up because she "did not want to confront the controversy surrounding her this season." The source also claimed that Mary was "terrified" to sit with the ladies and be confronted with the allegations surrounding her church group and her racism within the show. "This was the kiss of death for Mary," the source also shared.

However, a third cast member on "RHOSLC," Jennie Nguyen, is now in hot water after some of her problematic posts from an old Facebook page have resurfaced. After seeing those posts, Jen has some harsh truths she wants to address to Jennie.

Jen is 'disappointed' with Jennie's 'disingenuous apology'

After "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" cast member Jennie Nguyen's old social media posts were put on blast for being highly offensive and racist, she posted an apology statement on her Instagram. "At the time I thought I was speaking out against violence, but I have since learned how offensive and hurtful my words were," Jennie wrote.

Not everyone accepted her apology. In fact, most of the cast members spoke out against her posts. However, none of them called Jennie out directly the way that cast member Jen Shah did on Instagram. "I rarely believe what I see or hear online. I know firsthand what it feels like to be judged without evidence or an admission of guilt," Jen said, referring to her recent troubles with the law. "However since my RHOSLC cast member has admitted that she made those horrible comments and posts, I must now stand up, on behalf of my husbands and sons who are African American, to say that I am deeply offended by the racial insensitive posts and comments."

Jen's post went on to say that she was infuriated by how Jennie was showing "complete apathy" toward those who were harmed protesting for their rights during the rising social justice movement in 2020. "I am equally disappointed by the disingenuous apology that was issued," Jen continued. "Needless to say, we have some real s**t to talk about." There are rumors floating around on Twitter that Jen might get fired for speaking out, but there hasn't been a confirmation from Bravo yet.