Kelly Dodd Weighs In On Jennie Nguyen's RHOSLC Firing

The Bravo family has let another cast member go over controversial and racist remarks. Jennie Nguyen was let go by Bravo after controversial Facebook posts from 2020 resurfaced. Fans were outraged and called for her firing from "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City." Bravo eventually cut ties with her, and Jennie apologized to fans for taking so long to do so. In Bravo's Instagram post announcing the news, they also promised viewers that "moving forward, we will work to improve our processes to ensure we make better informed and more thoughtful casting decisions."

Many of Jennie's fellow castmates weighed in on the situation on social media. Jen Shah, who is currently awaiting trial for alleged money laundering, shared a statement on Instagram which read, in part: "I am deeply offended by the racially insensitive posts and comments." Lisa Barlow, who has known Jennie the longest, shared her thoughts on the matter with her 205k Instagram followers: "I do NOT condone, nor am I aligned with them. The posts were harmful and hurtful to a community I love." Andy Cohen, an executive producer of the show, said on his radio show "Radio Andy" that "the posts were upsetting and disgusting." And now Kelly Dodd, who has been in her own fair share of hot water for her social media behavior, is weighing in on the situation, too.

Kelly Dodd says she doesn't want to be 'lumped in' with Jennie Nguyen

Jennie Nguyen's firing from the "Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" upset fans, cast members, and the Bravo network. Another upset party? Kelly Dodd, a cast member on the "Real Housewives of Orange County" from Seasons 11-15. Kelly was not invited back to Season 16 of the show. She appeared on SiriusXM's "Jeff Lewis Live" show and said she was "blindsided" by her firing. She admitted she had no one else to blame. "I'm the one who got myself fired. I was causing them a lot of grief." (Dodd had previously come under fire multiple irresponsible comments about coronavirus, per Us Weekly, as well as making controversial comments about Black men.)

She weighed in on Bravo's decision during an episode of "Rick and Kelly Unmasked" on YouTube. "This is about Bravo and Andy Cohen, not me. This is their brand and their business," Kelly explained. "If they feel they need to fire her, that's their decision. I don't work for them anymore. I did, and they fired me, and a lot of people think they fired me for the wrong reasons but that was Bravo's choice." 

Kelly also told viewers that she is not a racist. "Don't lump me in with this chick [Jennie Nguyen]," she continued. "I don't know her and I'm not getting involved in what she did or didn't say. I don't know if she's racist but I do know I am not!" Kelly also noted that she thought the network could have prevented the situation. "Should they have better vetted Jennie? Probably. But that's on them."