Lindsay Lohan Pokes Fun At Her Reputation In Super Bowl 2022 Commercial

Planet Fitness' Super Bowl commercial is throwing its hat in the ring for an ultimate pop culture throwback with Lindsay Lohan as the muse. The campaign focuses on the celebrity's ability to poke fun at the very publicized events that have shaped her reputation and reveals how she is turning things around on her own terms. Honestly, the clever take begs the question: Will this ad be more successful in boosting up Planet Fitness or Lohan herself?

Marketing rep Jeremy Tucker explained the company wanted to "have fun" with their take for the commercial by finding "someone who could really own the stage at the Super Bowl for us," according to Hollywood Life. Rather than use all of their steam on promoting Planet Fitness for the usual New Year's fitness boom, the team opted for Super Bowl exposure. "Our goal is to get as many people off the couch and to experience good things like fitness and feeing good — without the intimidation."

The "Mean Girls" alum posted a 15-second teaser for the commercial on her Instagram, showing her resting peacefully in bed dressed in silk pajamas, along with the caption, "Just wanna sleep and have a good time." The campaign states, "Lindsay's living her best nightlife," and tells fans to "find out why" when the full commercial airs during the Super Bowl. Lucky for us, the spot has dropped early and it is 30 seconds of premium Lohan references.

Planet Fitness breaks down 'what's gotten into Lindsay' for Super Bowl commercial

The "Feel Fitacular" campaign for Planet Fitness is kicking things off with a Super Bowl commercial that fans of both Lindsay Lohan and pop culture from the aughts will eagerly watch. The ad begins with the choice narration of William Shatner as Lohan works out in the Judgement Free Zone of Planet Fitness. The big question is, "What's gotten into Lindsay?"

She proves her sharpness by beating Dennis Rodman on "Jeopardy!" with a question about himself, breaks the hearts of paparazzi at nightclubs by getting incredible sleep, bedazzles an ankle bracelet on Danny Trejo as she trades "DUIs for DIYs," and is literally glowing from focusing on fitness. Shatner pumps iron and muses, "Maybe it's not what's gotten into Lindsay, but what Lindsay's gotten into."

On partnering up with Planet Fitness, she praises its "inclusive environment" and simply explains, "It's fun, and it promotes a safe space for exercise," according to People. "Mostly, I am proud to be a part of something that encourages all of us to take time for our health and wellness." As for flipping the script on the many ridiculed moments of her time in the public eye, she is thrilled to be moving forward, especially with her recent engagement, a new podcast, and her Netflix film debut in the upcoming "Falling for Christmas." "It was refreshing to put my past to bed once and for all and share with people how I am living my life today." You can check out the full commercial during the Super Bowl on February 13.