The Eyebrow-Raising Job Julia Fox Had In High School

Julia Fox has fast become a household name thanks to her romance with her now ex-boyfriend, rapper Kanye "Ye" West. And while the "Uncut Gems" star certainly made a lot of headlines in the tabloid magazines and gossip blogs about her dates with West, their denim-on-denim looks, and all the speculation surrounding the nature of their ill-fated relationship, Fox has kept her focus on what really matters. During her "Forbidden Fruits" podcast (via People), Fox admitted that while she was an "attention seeker" during her younger years, she "really couldn't care" after attaining fame. "People are like 'Oh, you're only in it for the fame, you're in it for the clout, you're in it for the money.' Honey, I've dated billionaires my entire adult life, let's keep it real."

However, it's what Fox used to do as a teen and before she became a Hollywood actor that is piquing everyone's interest now. It wouldn't be surprising if even West's ex, Kim Kardashian, raised her eyebrows after hearing about this.

Julia Fox had a unique after school gig

Before her high-profile romance with Kanye West, Julia Fox was fast becoming a respected actor and artist who had small roles in a handful of music videos, shorts, and television series. She also caught the eye of Kim Kardashian and modeled for her SKIMS collection and even worked with Pete Davidson for a 'Barbie and Ken' inspired photoshoot for Paper magazine. She also wrote and directed a film called "Fantasy Girls," which explores child sex trafficking in Reno, Nevada. Speaking about the project in an interview with Elle, she said, "So many children are being trafficked and girls go missing all the time, and they were at risk. I was like, 'I want to tell this story in an artful way, not like a documentary.'"

But before then, Fox says that she worked as a dominatrix when she was just 18. She told Paper, "My after school job was a dominatrix, so you know, it was fantasy role play. And it's legal. There's no nudity, no penetration. It was all just role play," while also adding, "I was thrown into that as a teenager, so I'm good under pressure and I can read someone and know what it is that they want. I pick up subtle cues very well and pay attention to detail." With Fox's incredible social awareness, she's parlayed her life experience as a dominatrix into a very fruitful career in Tinseltown.

Julia Fox keeps Hollywood buzzing

Even though Julia Fox's whirlwind romance with Kanye "Ye" West met its expiration date after only a few weeks of dating, per E! News, the Hollywood star doesn't plan on fading from the spotlight anytime soon. According to Page Six, Fox made her head-turning runway debut at LaQuan Smith's fall 2022 show. That, and she also told The Cut in February 2022 that despite her fame or the number of movies that she makes, she always wants to stay true to herself and her identity. "I never wanted to be super-megafamous. It's a life-ender for some celebrities. They become reclusive and paranoid and hide. I refuse to not live authentically," she said.

While Fox only has a handful of acting credits to her name, per IMDb, that doesn't mean she's given up on Hollywood. In fact, there were some rumors about a huge collab between Fox and Madonna. And while the comparisons between Fox and Kim Kardashian keep rolling in, it's safe to say that the brunette will keep making headlines, with or without the help of West.