Patrick Mahomes Just Put One Big Rumor About His Fiancee To Rest

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes might be one of the most popular players in the NFL, but his inner circle isn't as well-liked by fans. In January 2022, his fiancee Brittany Matthews stoked controversy when she celebrated the Chiefs' playoff win over the Buffalo Bills by popping a bottle of champagne and dousing the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium. "For societies sake the Bengals need to win next week," Barstool Sports tweeted after the fact. Likewise, Patrick's brother Jackson Mahomes has also been a lightning rod for controversy. Complex reported that a Kansas City bar called out Jackson for his entitled behavior in December 2021, when he put the establishment on blast for not immediately seating his party. Not only have Jackson's TikTok dances drawn flack, but he was further criticized for spraying Baltimore Ravens fans with water when they celebrated their teams' win over the Chiefs, according to Fox News.

Throughout the media firestorm, Patrick has continued to defend his brother and fiancee. "Obviously, it's something we don't want to necessarily do," the star quarterback told KSHB-TV, speaking of the water bottle incident in September 2021. "There were things that were said to [Jackson] and [Brittany] that you don't see on the clip." However, as of February 18, rumors circulated that Patrick might finally be fed up with Matthews' and Jackson's polarizing behavior. According to former NFL player and Xtra 1360 host Rich Ohrnberg, Patrick has reportedly asked both his brother and fiancee not to attend Chiefs games in 2022.

Are Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes a distraction?

Twitter all but exploded when Rich Ohrnberg posted a now-deleted tweet (via New York Post) that Patrick Mahomes asked Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes to stay away from Arrowhead Stadium, as they "have become a distraction, and their sideline antics are bad for his brand." "A lot can change over an offseason, but for now that's the story as it was told to me," Ohrnberg concluded. Shortly after the tweets went live, TMZ was the first to debunk Ohrnberg's claim. Per the outlet, such a conversation never took place between Patrick, Jackson, and Matthews — and Patrick "can't wait to have his loved ones cheering him on in 2022." Not only that, but Patrick himself also took to Twitter to clear up the misunderstanding. "Y'all just be making stuff up these days," he wrote, followed by three crying laughing emojis.

But Ohrnberg isn't the first to speculate that Matthews and Jackson might be a negative influence on Patrick, and more specifically, his ability to win football games. "[Patrick] had always done well in these biggest games, and then the second half just completely fell apart," host Pat McAfee said on an episode of "The Pat McAfee Show" following the Chiefs' AFC Championship loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. "Lets ... not just blame it completely on him, but maybe it was Jackson and Brittany." For now at least, we have no evidence to support the claim that Matthews and Jackson will be absent from the sidelines come September.