What's The Real Meaning Behind Nick Cannon's Weekend Girl? Here's What We Think

Nick Cannon is one busy man. On top of his television ventures, "Wild 'N Out" and his newest eponymous daytime talk show, Cannon's personal life also has his calendar booked up. The star recently announced on his talk show that he is expecting his eighth child with Bri Tiesi. "As everyone knows, I have a lot of children and I love them all dearly, sincerely," Cannon said on-air. "Every single one of my children are just as special as the other."

Cannon's whirlwind pregnancy with Tiesi was revealed two months after he lost his newborn son Zen, whom he shared with his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Scott, to brain cancer. Cannon later apologized on his show for discussing the sensitive subject at the same time of his good news. Cannon said he "probably went too much into detail," while expressing his feelings about his late son and his new baby. "I didn't need to do that because those are two completely separate moments in my life and they both deserve the respect," he said.

Despite his ever-growing family, Cannon remains on his grind in business. This includes one of his many passions — music. Cannon recently made his return to music with his single "Weekend Girl." But what's the true meaning behind this new tune? Here's what we think.

Nick Cannon shares his raw feelings

Nick Cannon serenades a lover he only enjoys on Saturday and Sunday on his new song, "Weekend Girl." He raps, "Her Man Crush Monday I can't be it no more / Tuesday blues, Wednesday she went ghost / Throwback Thursday looking juicy on her posts," and later croons over a slow beat, "She's my weekend girl / 'Cuz she don't got time on the weekdays."

"Weekend Girl," off of Cannon's upcoming mixtape "Raw N B: The Explicit Tape," fairly obviously reflects Cannon's exploration of his sexual side. Cannon told E! News that there's "a lot of machismo, it's a lot of... male aggression" on the mixtape. Cannon elaborated further, sharing, "And that sense of like, 'I am who I am,' and an unapologetic manner, and it has a sex appeal to it that's purposeful." Cannon then promised his forthcoming album will be "more introspective," but he had to explore his playful side first. "That's the beauty of music, is you get to express yourself," he said.

After fathering eight children, Cannon is no stranger to spicy subject matter. As part of a racy chat on a recent episode of "The Nick Cannon Show," Cannon admitted getting intimate with a pregnant woman is "the most amazing turn-on." He explained, "When you see a woman that's bearing your child, it's magical, it's God-like." It sounds like Cannon has plenty of material for his new music!