The Real Reason Wendy Williams' Friends Are Extremely Concerned About Her

This has unfortunately been a really tough few years for Wendy Williams. Williams, who is known for her fabulous personality and gossipy mouth, was the renowned host of her own pop-culture talk program "The Wendy Williams Show." Since 2008, she has spilled the tea on all the celebrity gossip.

But in 2019, Williams' life was turned upside-down when she and her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter, filed for divorce. This, combined with several medical struggles, began the reported decline of her mental health, which led to Williams taking a leave of absence from the "Wendy" show in July of 2021. Several guest hosts came in to hold down the fort while Williams was gone, but her leave of absence would later become permanent. On February 22, Sherri Shepherd was announced as Williams' official replacement, taking the "Wendy" out of "The Wendy Williams Show."

After leaving her show, Williams decided to hide from the limelight and deal with her health in private. Not much is known for sure about her condition besides what official documents and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has revealed. So, what has been going on in Williams' life since her departure from the spotlight? Has she been well taken care of?

Wendy Williams has reportedly been skipping doctor's appointments

Wendy Williams has been a New York City staple ever since the beginning of her show. After she left her host position, she was no longer tied to the city, so she decided to move down to Florida. According to a conversation Williams had with her son on her new Instagram account, she has been enjoying the escape from the fast-paced life of NYC.

While she seems happy and rejuvenated in this Instagram video, sources close to Williams have also been alleging that things aren't so good behind the scenes. "Wendy is missing her medical appointments down in Florida," a friend of Williams told Page Six. "People are very worried about Wendy and her wellbeing ... We want to get Wendy back to New York City to get her back on track."

Besides reportedly missing her medical appointments, Williams has also been involved in legal situations concerning her financial autonomy. Her bank, Wells Fargo, is alleging that Williams' condition is so bad that she is in need of a guardian. While her lawyers and family fight for her in court, all we can hope is that Williams takes her time to relax, heal, and better herself.