Dolly Parton Proves She Isn't Always So Positive

Dolly Parton is the kind of performer whose fame extends far beyond her musical prowess. From her celebrated philanthropic endeavors to her continued musical work, Parton never ceases to amaze. She recently released a new album, "Run, Rose, Run," as a companion to her upcoming mystery novel written between Parton and James Patterson. Who else could pull off being a Playboy cover model, the first country singer to do so according to her site, and also refuse to pose in the nude? An empowered, take no BS Dolly Parton, that's who!

Known for her upbeat persona and brilliant optimism, Parton has said that being a happy person takes work. She told that no one can be happy all the time but no one really is. "I do the best I can every day, and I'm going to enjoy my life," she told the outlet. "Some people work at being miserable. I work at being happy." Even that shining positivity comes with a Parton-esque flourish because she is also passionate about telling it like it is. And her forthcoming book with Patterson has a lot to say about the industry she's spent her entire career navigating.

The book isn't a memoir but it borrows from Dolly Parton's life

Going on sale March 7, 2022, Dolly Parton and James Patterson's "Run, Rose, Run" tells the story of an up-and-coming singer-songwriter who will do "whatever it takes to survive" in her industry, according to Little, Brown and Company. Though the book itself is a novel, elements of the work are taken from Parton's lived experiences and she told "CBS Sunday Morning" that the book reveals her industry's "dark side." "People that have been in it, like me, you know that, 'cause you lived it," she explained.  She went on to say that there are, "...people that will rip you off, they try to steal your songs, they'll con you, they'll do whatever. I have seen it all."

While this might be surprising for some folks who see Parton as an always positive ray of sunshine, she's well-known for not sugarcoating the truth. She told People in 2021 after being named one of the magazine's People of the Year that she wants to "set an example" for people to follow. She went on to tell them that she isn't a "pushover" and that she always strives to be a "fair and honest person." While we're glad to know that she's using her wisdom to show the parts of her industry people like to keep hidden, it's sad to know that people have taken advantage of her good nature in the past. Now we have a new book to keep an eye out for and maybe even a movie in the future.