Kelly Ripa's Transformation Into Lady Gaga's House Of Gucci Character Will Make You Do A Double Take

Co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest will be returning to "Live's After Oscar Show" to cover the 2022 Academy Awards after it airs on March 27. As is tradition, Ripa and Seacrest are busting out their acting chops to create an extravagant trailer for the Oscar special, in which they will be recreating scenes from this year's nominated movies, like "House of Gucci."

On March 4's episode of "Live with Kelly and Ryan" with guest host Maria Menounos, Seacrest teased how much effort he and Ripa have been putting into making an amazing trailer. He revealed that he even got a custom prosthetic nose molded to his face that took over an hour and a half to apply. But, there was one thing that Seacrest had to gush about, even though he wasn't supposed to spoil anything about the elusive trailer.

"Kelly! Wow... she became a couple people, but one specifically," Seacrest teased. It wasn't until "Live" released a sneak peek of one of Ripa's cosplays on March 7 that fans knew what he was talking about, and the resemblance really is remarkable.

Lady Gaga and Kelly Ripa look practically like twins in the teaser trailer

It looks like Lady Gaga has a doppelgänger! Kelly Ripa's recreation of Gaga's portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani in "House of Gucci" was near-exact, even down to the accent. In the teaser, she is dressed in the iconic red hot snowsuit getup from the movie, with a "Live with Kelly and Ryan" mug for her cappuccino and tiny spoon.

When Ripa puts on the black bob wig and Lady Gaga makeup, she could easily be mistaken for Gaga's Reggiani — especially when she recites, "Father, son, and House of Gucci."

And the "After Oscars Show" is sure to be star-studded. Last year, Ripa and Ryan Seacrest were able to interview the Oscar winners right after they had won their award on stage. This year's categories are hotly contested, so there will certainly be plenty to talk about after each winner is revealed.