Kanye West's Reported Business Decision Is Sure To Turn A Lot Of Heads

Kanye West is no stranger to thinking outside the box and not conforming to the status quo. The majority of Ye's career — and personal life — has been a controversial and outrageous rollercoaster ride. Of course, there's the whole Kim Kardashian "thing," which came in like a Disney romance and went out like a Grimm's fairy tale — with a truly epic and unforgettable motorcycle ride along the way.

Ye and Kim have been battling it out in court since Kim filed for divorce in 2021. The rapper embarked on a social media crusade against his estranged wife, slamming her and making all kinds of wild accusations against the mother of his four children. BuzzFeed reported that Ye deleted all of his inflammatory posts after Kim eventually hit back. But, it was too little, too late. Ye had provided her with all the ammo she needed to request the court grant her single legal status, despite their bitter divorce still not being finalized, per TMZ.

Time listed Ye's "top 10" controversies, which included the infamous Taylor Swift award show fiasco and his Rolling Stone come-to-Jesus moment. But, in reality, 10 controversies don't even scratch the surface. If there's ever been anybody more in need of a competent and talented media manager to help take care of business, it's Ye — and maybe Prince Andrew. So, not surprisingly, Ye's latest reported business decision is sure to turn a lot of heads – because, Ye, y'all.

Kanye West's questionable hire

Ironically, Kanye "Ye" West's head-scratching media business decision involves the media business manager he decided to hire. According to The Sun (via the Daily Mail), West has enlisted the services of Jason Lee, a blogger who runs Hollywood Unlocked. Lee is most famous for grudgingly publishing an apology on the site after falsely reporting that the Queen had died.

Lee will reportedly be helping Ye finesse his public image in the trainwreck aftermath of his Kim Kardashian break-up, in addition to negotiating business deals and managing Ye's media presence.

The blogger will undoubtedly have his work cut out. Still, he likely already knows that, as he's collaborated with Ye in the past. Lee posted an Insta pic of the two of them when they got together for an interview in January. In the sit-down video, Ye let loose about his latest paparazzi meltdown and shared the thought process behind his decision to purchase a house right near Kim's home.