Here's How Much Regina Hall Is Really Worth

It's been 35 years since the Oscars have been hosted by three people, according to The Hollywood Reporter, a unique hosting situation that will repeat itself for the 2022 Oscars. In February, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the 94th Academy Awards would be hosted by a trio of comedic women: Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall. All three of these comedians are household names, having secured their fortunes through a variety of work, from feature films, to TV shows, to the tried-and-true standup routines. Schumer has $25 million to her name, per Celebrity Net Worth, Sykes has $10 million, and Hall is reportedly worth $6 million.

Although these women are all great actors in their own right, one might argue that Hall has flown under the radar more than her Oscars co-hosts, so it might not be known how she amassed her wealth. Well, worry not, because we answered that question for you and broke down some of the actor's background that has contributed to her success. And who knows? Hall's Oscars gig might soon earn her even more money, as her profile will undoubtedly rise after co-hosting Hollywood's biggest night. 

Regina Hall had a bunch of regular jobs

Unless they started their career as small children, most actors — at one point in their lives — held jobs that would be considered run-of-the-mill, and Regina Hall is no exception. Bustle reported that, before becoming a successful actor, Hall made money slinging drinks as a bartender, helping out as a dental assistant, and working as a part-time professor at the College of New Rochelle. She therefore knows what it's like to earn a paycheck that doesn't include a bunch of zeros at the end. For example, a dental hygienist in 1995 — around the time Hall would have been working in that position — earned $18.00 an hour on average, according to RDH Magazine, so the actor certainly wasn't raking it in.

As for bartending, Hall thought she had to do it because she was entering a new career. "I'm gonna need to bartend if I'm gonna try to act," she told BuzzFeed. The Washington, D.C. native talked about being a teacher as well, during a visit to "Late Night with Seth Meyers." "Well, I thought I was good," she said about being a teacher. "I was strict 'cause I was young ... I wore a headwrap. I don't know why I thought that made me look [academic]. It didn't at all. It just made me look like a woman in a headwrap."

Regina Hall was first interested in journalism

As you may have figured out, Regina Hall didn't set out to become an actor from the time she was young. In fact, she had the proper credentials to become an adjunct professor at the College of New Rochelle, which included an English degree from Fordham University. She eventually secured her master's in journalism from New York University in 1997. "I loved being a student," she told The Breakfast Club in 2016. "I could've gone to school until I was 75 years old. As long as somebody would've paid my rent I would've been a professional student."

But after her father, Obie Hall, died suddenly of a stroke while Regina was still at NYU, she reexamined her life and journalism got left behind. She revealed that she would have tried acting sooner, but her father wasn't enthused about that career for her. "I may have done acting earlier but I don't think my dad necessarily saw it as a real profession, so I don't think he would've necessarily paid for me to go to school for that," Regina explained. A promise to her dad before he died actually led her to finishing her masters degree. Regardless of his opinion of acting though, her father most likely would be over the moon about his daughter's success.

Regina Hall scored a hit with her first film

Those familiar with the acting career know that sometimes it takes people awhile to find success — and sometimes they don't find success at all. For example, Jessica Chastain didn't start getting worldwide recognition until her seventh film, "Take Shelter," and Kathy Bates was in over a dozen movies until she struck Oscar gold with "Misery." Regina Hall, however, hit it big with her first movie, "The Best Man," which was a box office hit. She played the role of Candy Sparks in the heavily celebrated film, a role that instantly made her famous and led to other parts.

"After the success of the film, my agent said, 'I want you to come to L.A,'" Hall told Bustle. "I was against relocating [from New York City] to L.A., but I went there in January or February [2000] during pilot season and just ended up staying longer and longer." After "The Best Man," the NYU alum became a Hollywood staple of sorts, being cast in other cult classics like "Love & Basketball," the "Scary Movie" films, and the crime drama "Paid In Full." She also revisited her Candy Sparks character in 2013's "The Best Man Holiday" and will play the same character in the new limited series, "The Best Man: The Final Chapters," which will air on Peacock, per Deadline.

Regina Hall won big with 'Girls Trip'

If "The Best Man" is considered the spark that lit Regina Hall's career, "Girls Trip" could be called the explosion. She co-starred in the film with Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish. Box Office Mojo shows the comedy was made for $19,000,000 and pulled in $140,552,359 worldwide, proving to be a massive success. The film allowed Hall to reunite with Malcolm D. Lee, the director  of "Girls Trip" and "The Best Man." "I've been really blessed, and I've always worked a lot," Hall once told Shadow and Act. "It was great and consistent before and yeah, I think maybe my options continued to grow, but I think it's been good and it's staying good thanks to '[Girls Trip].'" 

While "Girls Trip" was extremely profitable, whatever Hall was paid for the film has been kept under wraps. However, Tiffany Haddish, whose career took off after the film, said she earned $80,000 for her role. Haddish was the least known of the four female stars, so that should give an idea of the least amount of money Hall potentially could have made. And "Girls Trip" is not yet done padding Hall's bank account. She's bound to earn a mint for the movie's sequel, a job Queen Latifah has said the ladies were "all in for." Although a date hasn't been announced for the sequel, producer Will Packer told "GMA" in January that it's "in the stages" of being put together.

Regina Hall turned her Rh Negative into a positive

Like many actors in Hollywood, Regina Hall has begun to diversify her interests, which has included creating her own production company, Rh Negative. Deadline reported that her company signed a deal with MTV Entertainment Group in 2020 for six TV movies, which will be shown on various channels, like MTV and the Paramount Network. The news of that partnership came just one month after it was revealed that she scored a first-look deal with Showtime, the network that airs her show, "Black Monday," which stars Don Cheadle. Rh Negative will not only be spearheading new shows as part of that deal, Hall will star in some of those projects as well. "I am excited to call Showtime home," she mentioned in a press statement shared by Variety. "I am thrilled to expand our partnership to create smart, meaningful and impactful stories." 

While nothing has been said about how much money Hall pulled in for both deals, she did talk about her overall game plan regarding the Showtime partnership. "One of the things I'm interested in is sharing untold stories. Stories that are not widely known to the masses but are incredibly impactful," she relayed to Forbes. "Some of those will be comedies, there will be dramas, there will be hybrids of both. They will be stories from all different kinds of communities and ethnicities." Creating such meaningful stories will certainly rake in the dough for Hall. 

Regina Hall has made some money doing commercials

Regina Hall has also tried her hand at the promotion of various products. Specifically, she seems to have a great working relationship with The Gap, Inc.'s Old Navy brand. In 2019, People announced the film star was tapped to be in a campaign for the clothing company's summer collection, which included her making an appearance in a commercial. All of the items promoted for that campaign were under $50, including the dress Hall wore in the ad, which she called her favorite. "It's my new print of choice," she told People. If anything, Hall calling that dress her favorite shows that she doesn't need a pricey outfit to feel stylish. In fact, "The Hate U Give" cast member confirmed that she prefers going the causal route whenever she heads to brunch. "I think I'd wear a cute, comfy jean, a cute little t-shirt, some gold hoops, but if my hair is done, a cute pony," she said in a clip that shows her interviewing herself, signs that Hall doesn't always feel the need to splurge. 

The Old Navy commercial wasn't the only ad Hall did, either. Before she landed her first movie role, Hall starred in a McDonald's commercial that featured her craving some of the company's crisp, golden fries.

Regina Hall likes to keep it casual

Unlike other successful celebrities, Regina Hall hasn't been seen in the press with a fleet of cars and there's nothing written that says she owns houses all over the United States. But there are some things the actor spoils herself with, which she discussed with Page Six Style. "I splurge on health products; anything that has the word 'collagen' in it, I buy. It doesn't matter how expensive," Hall admitted. "And I splurge on creams and body scrubs. You can never lather enough, you know what I mean? You can never be soft enough." She spoke to Town and Country Magazine about her fondness of self-care as well, telling the publication that baths are her "favorite thing" to do at the end of the night. On top of that, Hall said that her ultimate product to use in the tub is "Lush's bath bombs in a lemon scent." "I love bubble baths; I love fragrant smell-goods," she added. "I love at night to take a nice bath and feel really fresh when I get into the [bed]."

And after Hall leaps from her mattress in the A.M., she steps into one of her many shoes, something she also indulges in. "I splurge a lot on heels," Hall admitted to People. "I feel like it gives me options. I can take the same jeans I always wear and pop on a shoe."

Regina Hall invests in companies that share her values

With a reported net worth of $6 million, Regina Hall can afford to take a few calculated risks, something she's done through various investments. The actor tends to put her dollars toward the companies that are focused on the same things she has splurged on — health and wellness initiatives. One such company Hall has invested in is Genexa, which calls itself "The first clean medicine company." From the way Hall describes it, she has a strong interest in supporting companies that are focused on helping people live longer and healthier lives.

"I love looking at businesses that promote health and that affect population and quality of life," she told Ebony. "I love investing in green solutions. Things, areas, ideas, and concepts where I think we should be headed towards. Things that move us towards qualitative solutions." Hall joined her fellow "Black Monday" co-star Don Cheadle in the Genexa investment, according to a press release. Other celebs who have invested in the Atlanta-based company include Donald Glover, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Hall's bestie, Sanaa Lathan.

Regina Hall donates her time and money

It appears the size of Regina Hall's heart is as big as her bank account. The actor has donated her time and money to various charities, like the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, City Year, and the NAACP, per Look to the Stars. She's also joined causes working to realize education and civil rights initiatives. She is one of a few celebrities who have helped spread the word about scleroderma as well, a disease that John Hopkins defines as "An autoimmune, rheumatic, and chronic disease that affects the body by hardening connective tissue." 

She began advocating for scleroderma after her mother was diagnosed. "When my mom was diagnosed, I didn't know much about the condition," Hall told ABILITY Magazine in 2010. "But ... a friend of mine, put me in touch with Bob Saget. Bob had made a television movie about scleroderma years ago because his sister had died from it. That was back when they didn't even know what it was. Anyway, Bob had a group called the Scleroderma Foundation, so I donated to that and my mother went to the doctor Bob had suggested." After Saget tragically died of a head injury, Hall posted a photo of him on Instagram. She called him one of "her favorite human beings" and asked people to donate to the cause he was passionate about. "And because we're still working towards a cure, donations to @srfcure are a great way to honor him," she wrote, tagging the foundation.