The Huge Amount Of Money Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Gifted Staffers Ahead Of Her Show Ending

Ellen DeGeneres seems to be making an effort to get back to her staff's good graces right before the "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" bids goodbye to the airwaves.

The talk show host, who has built a platform based on kindness, was claimed to have fostered a toxic work environment. Back in 2020, rumors that exposed DeGeneres' true colors swirled around social media, with current and former staff members claiming that she's not as nice as she makes it seem. Per Entertainment Weekly, one person was allegedly instructed to avoid looking her in the eyes, while another person reported that the host wanted her fired after she served DeGeneres food with chipped nail polish. During the pandemic, crew members also complained about having little to no information about their job status or pay for more than a month, per Variety.

This series of allegations led to WarnerMedia conducting an internal investigation about the supposed toxic workplace. DeGeneres herself also issued a statement, saying that while she has tried to treat everyone with respect, " something changed," and "for that, I am sorry," per People. Now that the show is in its final leg, DeGeneres is supposedly making amends in a big way.

Ellen DeGeneres will reportedly give her staff 'millions' of dollars in bonuses

According to New York Post, Ellen DeGeneres is giving away "millions of dollars" in bonuses to her staffers ahead of the finale. A source told the outlet that she is making sure that "every person was taken care of." While the exact number remains under the wraps, the source added that "it was not even a question for Ellen to cover bonuses ... That was very important to her."

On top of cash bonuses, DeGeneres is also reportedly showering her staff with gifts, including trips, watches, and cars. Per Deadline, staffers will also enjoy extended healthcare coverage for six months after the show's finale. Plus, they're given access to resume-building and networking workshops to help find work beyond the show.

This series of perks and benefits appears to be part of DeGeneres' efforts to better her workplace. Even before Season 18 started, employees were reported to have "improved morale," per E! News. It looks like the host stayed true to her word when she apologized in public, saying, "My name is on the show and everything we do, and I take responsibility for that."