John Stamos Shares Sweet Throwback Pic More Than Two Months After Bob Saget's Death

Following the tragic death of Bob Saget on January 9 in a Florida hotel room, his family, friends, and fans made sure to let the world know just how special he was. Speaking out just a day after his death, Saget's family invited everyone to "join us in remembering the love and laughter that Bob brought to the world" and folks rose to the invitation. Tributes poured in from all corners of Hollywood with everyone from Candace Cameron Bure to Kathy Griffin and Josh Gad paying their respects.

Amidst the outpouring of love, there was also plenty of honesty and self-reflection, notably from Bure, who admitted that she and Saget argued and had a "little tiff," but luckily made up before his death. And she wasn't the only one to butt heads with her former co-star. As John Stamos revealed to The New York Times, he and Saget also had their share of ups and downs. Turns out that while they were co-starring on "Full House" from 1987 until 1995, the lifelong friends got off on the wrong foot. Admitting that there were times when "our styles completely clashed," Stamos explained that Saget's priority always seemed to be making people laugh and that "could be painfully distracting — disruptive — because you're here, let's get this scene, let's find out what works, what doesn't." In the end, they "met in the middle. But we both went in kicking and screaming, not wanting to bend what we do," he recalled.

John Stamos' sweet tribute to Bob Saget

Despite getting off to a rocky start, John Stamos and Bob Saget went on to share a powerful and lifelong friendship, which Stamos put on full display during the late comic's funeral. A week after the January 14 service, Stamos published the eulogy he gave in the Los Angeles Times. In it, he admitted that they butted heads because they "certainly had different styles of acting" but said it "didn't take long" for them to find common ground and "respect each other professionally and creatively." He also shared how their unshakeable bond blossomed after the death of his parents. During that time, "Bob was there for me like no other" and that support didn't waver in the decades that followed. "He was there through divorces, deaths, despair and dark days. He was there through love, marriage, a child and bright times," Stamos said. "He was my lifeline."

And so, even after they stopped working together, they remained in each other's lives. In fact, they went on a double date just one month before Saget's untimely death. Now, months later, Stamos is still paying tribute to his friend. On March 21, he took to Instagram to share a sweet image in which Saget is sitting at a drum kit and he's standing behind him, his arm wrapped around his shoulders. "Throwback to a very special drum lesson," Stamos wrote. "Miss you so much Bob." Candace Cameron Bure responded with three heart emojis.