Josh Duggar's Sentencing Hearing Gets A New Date

The trial and subsequent conviction of "19 Kids and Counting" family member Josh Duggar is dragging on longer than originally planned. Josh was found guilty back in December 2021 on two charges of receiving and possessing child pornography. Many of the Duggar siblings have since denounced their eldest brother's actions. "We are thankful to God for exposing Josh's actions and to a legal system committed to protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty in this case. We are grateful for justice," Jinger Duggar said in a statement.

But Josh's wife, Anna, has decidedly stuck by his side throughout his trial and sentencing. Anna actually gave birth to their seventh child together just a couple of months before the jury gave the court their verdict.

Depending on the results of his sentencing, Josh is facing up to a total of 40 years in prison plus half a million dollars in fines. So, why hasn't Josh received his official sentencing from the court yet?

Josh Duggar's lawyers request an over-month-long extension

Josh Duggar's sentencing was originally scheduled for April 4th, but now the Arkansas Federal Courts have granted his lawyers their motion to change the date of his hearing. According to People, the new date for the hearing is now May 25, which gives Josh's lawyers almost two extra months of time to prepare. But what exactly did they need more time for?

"The defense would benefit from a brief continuance to provide additional time to pursue additional information and documentation," his lawyers said in court documents obtained by People. "Additionally, because of certain reasonable COVID-19 precautions understandably instituted at the jail at which Duggar is being detained, it has been more difficult scheduling meetings with Duggar than during more ordinary times."

This is certainly not the first time Josh's legal team has asked for extensions; they have been granted four over the course of his trial, per KNWA. Plus, Josh has already filed an appeal to his guilty verdict. So even after his sentencing takes place, this case is potentially far from being over.

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