Jaden Smith's Comments About His Childhood Certainly Have People Talking

Jaden Smith is no stranger to controversy. Since his birth in 1998, Jaden has been living under a microscope because of his famous folks, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He has appeared in several films, per IMDb, including one of the most popular of his career, "The Pursuit of Happyness." In the movie, a young Jaden appeared alongside dad Will, who earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

As most know, the Oscars have been a point of contention for the Smith family after Will famously slapped Chris Rock onstage during the 2022 broadcast. The actor lost his cool after Rock told a joke about Jada's hair loss, and since then, he's received plenty of backlash. The Academy slapped Will with a 10-year ban from attending the show, but through it all, Jaden seems to be one of his biggest supporters. Jaden was one of the first people to tweet after the incident and following his father's Oscar win. "And That's How We Do It," Jaden tweeted, although it's unclear if the tweet was about his father's slap or the Oscar win for "King Richard." 

Either way, Jaden received plenty of backlash on social media for his comments. "Seeing as how your dad just resigned from the Academy before they terminated his membership, I'm curious to know do you still believe that's how you do it?" one person wrote. Now, Jaden is in the hot seat again, but this time it's not for comments about his father.

Jaden Smith becomes the butt of Twitter's jokes

Everyone's talking about Jaden Smith. The star sat down for an interview with BigBoyTV, where he dished on a variety of topics, including some controversial ones. The aspiring singer said he spent more of his childhood with adults than he did with people his age. "I go around sometimes, and I hang around with other people that are my age and they were just kinda," Smith said, while making a few strange noises. Smith added that he would rather talk about the "political and economic" state of the world, including what's going on in Ukraine.

Twitter had a lot of thoughts on Smith's interview, and most of them didn't paint him in the best light. "Jaden Smith, after telling every kid in recess that they only have 20 years to live because of global warming," one person joked, adding a short clip of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo accepting an award. "I kinda like jaden smith but this is one of the worst things ever said ever," another person tweeted. "Jaden smith in kindergarten when kids were talking about Pokémon instead of the socioeconomic state of the world," one more wrote alongside a photo of a young Maddie Ziegler crying.

In April, Hollywood Life spotted Jaden Smith hanging out with young people and girlfriend Sab Zada at the wildly popular Coachella music festival. We can only wonder if they were there to listen to music or talk about more hard-hitting topics.