Jennifer Grey Reveals Why She Disappeared From Hollywood After Plastic Surgery

There's no doubt that Jennifer Grey was one of the most popular young actors of the '80s. One of the star's most iconic roles was Frances "Baby" Houseman in the hit "Dirty Dancing." In case you don't remember, Grey also played the role of Matthew Broderick's sister in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Since then, IMDb lists a few acting credits to Grey's name, but there's no doubt that the early days of her career was the busiest. 

All these years later, "Dirty Dancing" remains one of the most popular films of all time (and it really makes us want to get up and cha cha). Grey spoke with Women's Day about the iconic movie and her thoughts on its underlying meaning. "I believe the basic theme of the movie is everybody wants to be seen as being more than what they might appear to be at face value," she told the outlet. "It's the idea that transformation is possible with the synergy that happens when somebody else sees something in you that you don't see, or that you wish someone else could see," she explained. This quote fully encompasses both the film and Grey's physical transformation in real life. 

As fans know, Grey's plastic surgery became a hot topic after the star got a nose job that completely changed how she looks. To this day, she's still talking about how much the nose job changed her life, appearance, and career.

Jennifer Grey regrets her nose job

Jennifer Grey is getting candid about the plastic surgery that changed her life and her career trajectory. The actor hasn't been shy about chatting about her appearance and how her rhinoplasty basically changed everything. According to People, the star details many aspects of her life in her memoir "Out of the Corner," which is a play on the famous "Dirty Dancing" line, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." After the star underwent two nose jobs, many people in the industry didn't even recognize her. "I spent so much energy trying to figure out what I did wrong, why I was banished from the kingdom," she wrote in her memoir. "That's a lie. I banished myself."

Grey recalled a moment after plastic surgery when actor Michael Douglas didn't recognize her. "That was the first time I had gone out in public. And it became the thing, the idea of being completely invisible, from one day to the next. In the world's eyes, I was no longer me. And the weird thing was that thing that I resisted my whole life, and the thing," she said, adding that she was particularly upset with her mother, who had always encouraged her to go under the knife. As she told Mirror in 2012, "I went into the ­operating room a ­celebrity and came out anonymous."

Grey is not the only celeb to go under the knife and change her looks, however. In fact, plastic surgery is pretty common in Hollywood