Paris Hilton's Behavior At Coachella Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

Despite the many controversies that preceded it, Coachella 2022 is finally over and done with.

It seemed the festival was fairly uneventful, with many people, including attendees, saying that it had been nothing but an event for influencers to do their work. "There's zero coachella fomo this year bc it's mainly an influencer work event created to farm content," Tiktoker Naomi Mahdesian wrote in a viral video. "Coachella looks like the most boring festival ever just influencers competing to be best dressed," tweeted a fan, with another user echoing the same sentiment, "the coachella crowd being dead n boring sounds about right since it's 90% locals n influencers trying to get pics n vids."

While many claimed that this year's festivities in the California desert had been painfully uninteresting, there were some viral moments involving celebrities that were still worth noting. To name a few, Billie Eilish hilariously face-planted while performing her headline set, while attendee Timothée Chalamet canoodled with a new lover in sneaky fan footage. Paris Hilton also proved once again she is "sliving" her best life. 

Paris Hilton's bodyguard chased her at Coachella

Paris Hilton is known for originating quite a number of slang terms and catchphrases that eventually make their way into mainstream lingo, including the ever-popular, "That's hot!" More recently, she's trying to make "sliving" happen, which, according to what the heiress said in an episode of "Hot Ones," is a combination of "slaying and living your best life."

And "sliving" was apparently what Hilton did at Coachella, as captured by fellow festival-goers. In a hilarious video that went viral on TikTok, the socialite was spotted running and dancing around the festival lawn, with her bodyguard clearly having a hard time keeping up with her. "The way Paris Hilton's bodyguard has to chase after her in the desert heat as she skips away," one fan wrote. "I keep forgetting she is 41 years old. She's always going to be happy she made the most of it!" one user commented. "Sa-na-sa-ing her way through life," joked another.

According to Hilton herself, she's simply having fun. After the clip went viral, she responded to the silly clip in a duet TikTok video, explaining that she was merely "sliving" at the time. "#Sliving is my cardio," she wrote. "It's a workout keeping up with the Queen Sliv." Perhaps we all ought to try sliving now!

Paris Hilton breaks down Coachella fashions

Coachella is very much an event filled with festival fashions, whether you like the looks or not. It is only natural that the music fest kicks off Paris Hilton's "favorite time of the year." In a YouTube video on the heiress' channel, she went full-on influencer and gave viewers a look at what she was packing for the trip. Hilton showed off backpacks, tiaras, beauty products, fans, fragrances, and more accessories that never skimped on holographic or sparkly vibes.

What is Coachella essential number one? Sunglasses, of course! Hilton kicked off her round-up with a plug to her very own sunglasses collaboration with Quay Australia. If there is one celebrity who has always rocked stylish eyewear, it's the "Simple Life" alum. "I wear them all the time, even at night," she told Elle about her sunglasses collection. "Sometimes, when I'm walking out of a club and there are cameras or flashes, or if I'm taking a million selfies, it's just better to have sunglasses on. When you wear sunglasses, you always look perfect."

She also posted a video to show off her lookbook for each night. Hilton went neon, goth-chic, and "desert goddess" to fully sliv. Despite wrapping up the party in the real world, Hilton took things to a bizarre level in the Metaverse.

Paris Hilton brings Coachella into the Metaverse

Paris Hilton went for a drastically different kind of Coachella afterparty for 2022. The heiress took her interest in all things digital and hosted a Neon Carnival in the Metaverse, sharing a compilation video of the kind of interactions, mini games, and customizability users can experience in Paris World on the gaming platform Roblox.

"For me, the metaverse is somewhere that you can do everything you can do in real life in the digital world," Hilton explained to Reuters after her Paris World gaming experience launched in October. "Not everybody gets to experience that, so that's what we've been working together on over the past year — giving them all my inspirations of what I want in that world." With Hilton's love of Coachella's Neon Carnival — a love that greatly influenced her wedding afterparty — she teamed up with the event's founder Brett Bolthouse to translate it into the Metaverse to give everyone a chance to sliv it up like real-life bedazzled influencers.

Hilton is clearly spearheading a virtual movement and is sharing the journey with her audience. Even though the comments are disabled on her YouTube video, one fan gave praise on Twitter, "How does it feel to be the Queen of the Multiverse?" The one downside to virtual Coachella is perhaps the lack of viral videos of Hilton frolicking away from her bodyguard, but at least she seems happy to make both real and virtual appearances for now.