Joe Rogan Doesn't Hold Back His Feelings About Amber Heard

The trial for Johnny Depp's defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard captured the attention of both fans and media. Depp sued his ex-wife for $50 million, claiming that a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post, where she made abuse claims, irreparably damaged his career. "Nothing less than everything, nothing less than everything because when the allegations were made ... that I was a drunken, cocaine-fueled menace who beat women suddenly in my 50s, it's over," Depp said on the stand while discussing what the incendiary op-ed cost him, per Deadline. According to the "Donnie Brasco" star, his reputation would never recover from Heard's claims. "No matter the outcome of this trial, the second the accusation were made against me ... once that happened, I lost then." 

As the trial made headlines, supporters of both Depp and Heard took to social media to weigh-in. Cyabra — a company that specializes in evaluating inauthentic online behavior — found that 11% of the online discourse around the Depp-Heard debate on Twitter was inauthentic. "Whenever there's a lot of people involved, there's always going to be some level of additional, inauthentic conversation going on around a topic," the company's CEO Dan Brahmy told Fox News.

On April 24, Joe Rogan posted a screenshot to Instagram of a Fox News headline that reported Cyabra's findings. "I'm surprised it's only 11%," the comedian wrote in his caption. Days later, Rogan made his feelings crystal clear when he bashed Heard. 

Joe Rogan shared unkind words about Amber Heard

Joe Rogan painted an unflattering picture of Amber Heard while discussing the Johnny Depp defamation trial on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast. "I'm watching this trial, and, like, it's a cautionary tale about believing in bulls***," the podcaster said on April 26 to guest Jessica Kirson. Rogan said the Depp-Heard marriage reminded him of "Anthony Bourdain and his relationship to that crazy woman," which appeared to be a reference to Bourdain's long-time girlfriend Asia Argent, per the New York Post. "You're seeing all the crazy come out," the podcast host added.

The UFC commentator mentioned his friend — fellow comedian Doug Stanhope — having a close relationship with Depp, and how Stanhope previously penned an essay about the couple. Rogan recalled what Stanhope said about Heard. "He knows her well ... He's like, 'She's out of her f***ing mind.' Like, a crazy actress!" Rogan continued. Rogan took exception with Depp being removed from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise, and threw another jab at Heard. "You got rid of the best f***ing pirate you ever had! For a crazy lady!"

In 2016, Stanhope wrote a strongly-worded guest column for The Wrap where he defended Depp against abuse accusations made by Heard, and hinted that she was blackmailing her husband. "We have watched Amber Heard f*** with him at his weakest," the comedian wrote. Later, Heard filed a defamation suit against Stanhope, but eventually dropped the case, per The Wrap.

Joe Rogan's following the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial closely

It appears as though Joe Rogan is deeply invested in the whole Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard debacle, as he's also updated on the specifics of the case, including the controversy regarding the makeup she supposedly used to cover bruises from the abuse she allegedly endured at Depp's hand.

In the same podcast episode, Rogan brought up how Heard's lawyer had shown the specific product the actor claimed to have used, which makeup brand Milani refuted, saying that the item had not been released to the public during the entirety of Depp and Heard's marriage. "She said that she used this specific makeup to cover all her bruises that Johnny gave her? Which is not true," Rogan said. "The problem is it was a specific makeup and the company didn't even make that makeup at the time she said she was using it!"

Jessica Kirson proceeded to say how "crazy" it was, and Rogan said that it's typical behavior for manipulative people. "But that's what happens with people like that!" Rogan continued. "People that are just manipulative and full of s**t like that?"

Joe Rogan predicted Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship would end in disaster

Joe Rogan may not be aware, but he already (sort of) predicted what would happen to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's marriage years ago. In a recently resurfaced snippet of a 2017 "Joe Rogan Experience" episode, the former television presenter weighed in on the unconventional nature of their relationship.

"I think that one of the things about a guy like Johnny Depp is if you want... and I don't know this Amber Heard lady who he was living with. She seems nice enough to me, very beautiful. Matter of fact I read somewhere that she was... like some computer program said that she was the most beautiful person alive," he prefaced, before insinuating that being with someone like Heard must have hurt Depp's pockets. "My thought is when you're a dude like him and you got a girl like that and like... Like one of the great things to do is probably just buy a ton of s**t and just impress this girl and take her on this journey.

Rogan went on to say that Depp has gone crazy with his spending on Heard, and how it escalated to the "Fantastic Beasts" actor going off the rails. "You get away from yourself, and the next thing you know you're standing on the f*****g red carpet with eyeliner on, with silver chains, and you're shirt's open on your chest, and you act like you're in some crazy indie rock band, and you're 53. You become a caricature," he continued. "You kind of forget yourself maybe."