The Kardashians Just Had The Most Eyebrow Raising Met Gala Ever

Celebrities and other big names in the entertainment industry have waltzed across the famous Met Gala carpet, but as usual, all eyes were on the Kardashians. For the first time ever, all the KarJenner women were invited to attend the prestigious charity event, with Khloë and Kourtney Kardashian making their long-overdue debut.

Every year, fans look forward to who and what the famous family is wearing, and at the 2022 Met Gala, they did not disappoint — at least when it came to eliciting reactions. Each of them donned a distinct look, starting with matriarch Kris Jenner, who donned a yellow Oscar de la Renta gown and a cute, new hairstyle. Met Gala first-timers Khloë and Kourtney sported opposite styles, with Kourtney rocking a "deconstructed suit" and dress hybrid by Thom Browne and Khloë wearing a gold Moschino dress.

The youngest of the bunch, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, also sported different styles. Kendall showed up in a black tulle Prada top paired with a balloon satin skirt, per Vogue, and her eyebrows were notably dyed a light auburn shade. Kylie, on the other hand, wore a bridal dress from Off-White, with a backward baseball cap and a traditional veil. But the real star of the show was Kim Kardashian, who surprised everyone by donning Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" dress. With the Kardashians pulling off various looks, they also drew an array of reactions, and suffice to say, not all were positive.

Not everyone was pleased with what the KarJenners wore

Since every woman in the KarJenner family was invited to the Met Gala, expectations were high. After all, they've cemented themselves as fashion icons, so they had a specific standard to meet. But once they graced the Met stairs, fans were rendered disappointed when the family's choices did not meet what they had in mind.

"[T]he kardashians have all the money in the world and chose to show up to the met gala looking a whole mess," one fan said. "i love how every major news outlet was hyping up the kardashians' outfits for the met gala and every single one of them is wearing the ugliest f*****g outfit you've seen in your entire life," critiqued another. "can we revoke the kardashians met gala passes as the public...bc they constantly flop," tweeted a fan.

Perhaps the good news is many adored Kim Kardashian's effort to pull off Marilyn Monroe's dress, so that's at least one collective approval for the night. "now i get why kim kardashian didn't take a picture with her sisters," a fan quipped. "You really earned this moment and I love to see it happen in real time. This will be talked about in 20-30 years history!" exclaimed another. In a tweet, Kim said how "honored" she was to have been given the opportunity to wear it: "Thank you Ripley's Believe It or Not! for giving me the opportunity to debut this evocative piece of fashion history for the first time since the late Marilyn Monroe wore it. I am forever grateful for this moment."