Famed Royal Author Makes Bold Prediction About Harry And Meghan's Future

After Prince Harry spoke to Hoda Kotb for NBC News' "Today" show about his recent visit to the queen, many assumed his openness would drive a deeper wedge between himself and The Firm. However, one prominent royal author is of the mindset that not all is lost. In fact, she's made an interesting prognosis for the prince's future place in the royal household.

Prince Harry's latest comments about Queen Elizabeth saw the royal reveal that he felt a need to ensure his grandmother was "protected." The youngest child of Princess Diana and Prince Charles went on to add that it was important that he saw she had "the right people around her." Understandably, the statements caused a stir. As The Royal Family Channel reported, the Duke of Cambridge was questioned on his brother's concerns over the queen's security when leaving an engagement. Evidently, the heir to the throne was unimpressed. A video posted to The Royal Family Channel's Twitter account shows the prince ignore the question, "Sir, does the Queen need protecting?" before climbing into a black Range Rover.

The Duke of Cambridge's evasiveness certainly suggests that his well-documented rift with Prince Harry has yet to heal. However, despite that, author of "The Palace Papers" Tina Brown believes there is hope yet. In fact, she told BBC Radio 4's "Today" that she predicts both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a future in the monarchy.

Harry and Meghan may only return to The Firm when this happens

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's "Today," author of "The Palace Papers," Tina Brown, suggested that the Sussexes would one day return to the monarchy. "I think that there will be an effort to reel them back in at a certain point," she mused. However, she also cautioned that their return wouldn't happen overnight. "Right now, it's not going to happen," she opined. "Harry keeps lobbing these fresh hand grenades at the family, just when they're beginning to think, well, can we re-establish some trust with the house of Sussex?"

Brown also emphasized that, given the continued feud between the brothers, it would likely take a truly tragic event for them to reconcile. That is, the death of their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. "When the queen does die, I do believe that there will be a desire for Harry to serve his country. I think he's going to want to re-think it," she said.

A return would certainly benefit the family, Brown continued, as "[their] leaving was definitely a blow for the family." However, she added that in their absence, the Duchess of Cambridge had stepped up to the plate. "It's amazing, really, how important to the future of the monarchy the Duchess of Cambridge has become ... [she's] become such an important ... stalwart figure." Well, the Cambridges will hold down the fort, but here's hoping the various households can make up soon — and hopefully, it won't take a devastating loss for that to happen.