Kyle Richards Just Lost Her Best Friend Due To A Devastating Reason

As one of the stars of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Kyle Richards is known for getting in the middle of all the on-screen drama between her and her co-stars each season. In addition to all of speculation about whether or not she's estranged from her sister Kathy Hilton and all of the alleged plastic surgery she's supposedly had over the years, Kyle has gotten a lot of attention for her friendships and her frenemies. While she's had her ups and downs with people like Lisa Rinna, Richards told Page Six back in October that she and her fellow housewife Erika Jayne are finally in a "good place" after a reported strain in their relationship. If that weren't enough, her relationship with her other sister Kim Richards has also gotten a lot of attention. Despite Kim writing a book called "The Whole Truth: The Reality of it All," and saying she was a "whipping post as a sister," Kyle told People in February 2020, "All I know is we're in a good place, so hopefully we're going to stay there."

And while the ups and downs between her and her celebrity friends have been well documented, Kyle recently revealed that she just lost her lifelong best friend because of a devastating reason. And no, this is not a housewife friend, either. Instead, she was a friend that Kyle says she will continue to honor and fight for after her death.

Kyle Richards is mourning the loss of a friend

Kyle Richards is mourning the loss of her life-long friend, Lorene, who died after her battle with mental illness. Richards took to her Instagram account to mourn her friend. In her caption, Richards wrote that the "system" had failed her lifelong pal. Recalling all of the life moments that they shared together, she wrote, "Not that long ago she started to suffer from debilitating depression," adding, "All who loved her rallied around her and did everything that could be done to get her help. But the system is broken." 

In addition, Richards also said that her friend's death has prompted her to do more when it comes to spreading awareness about mental health issues and getting people the help they need. "I will do whatever it takes to try & help change the laws that are in place that prevent people from getting the help they need," she continued. Then again, this isn't the first time that Richards has dealt with this illness with a loved one. Back in 2019, she reportedly urged her sister Kim Richards to seek treatment for her mental health issue, per the Daily Mail, and admitted that she's even taken up SoulCycle to help with her own struggles with anxiety, according to Bravo. That said, we have a feeling Richards will continue to be an advocate for mental health awareness and a voice for those who feel unheard.