Meghan McCain Reveals The Truth About Her Relationship With Sunny Hostin

In the wake of announcing her 2021 departure from "The View," Meghan McCain was showered with praise from her co-stars. At the time, each of her colleagues noted that, even if they disagreed with her views, they admired McCain for always staying true to her opinions. Sunny Hostin, in particular, pointed out that, while McCain was definitely "a pain in the a**," she had also grown to "love her and understand her," and revealed that they spoke every day. However, Joy Behar also had kind words to say about McCain ... and the two have since gone on to have a very public feud

As a refresher, since exiting "The View," McCain has been open has been open about not missing the show. Soon after her departure, she released her memoir, "Bad Republican," via Audible. In it, McCain labelled the "environment of the show" as "toxic." That particular wording came in an excerpt from her book, via Variety, where she recounted an on-air run-in with Behar after returning from maternity leave, which ultimately led to the two no longer speaking outside of the show. 

In response to McCain's allegations of toxicity, Hostin told The Cut that she had not felt a toxic atmosphere herself. However, she also didn't deny that McCain might have. "Her experience is her experience." One thing we're dying to know, though, is this: Now that McCain is no longer on "The View," what's become of her friendship with Hostin? 

Where Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin stand today

Speaking with Carlos King for his "Reality with the King" podcast, Meghan McCain took the opportunity to reflect on her time on "The View." Part of that conversation saw the "Bad Republican" author weigh in on her relationships with her former co-stars, and she dropped a pretty big bombshell. That is, she no longer speaks to any of her ex-colleagues. Well, there is one exception — Sunny Hostin.

Gushing over Hostin's expertise — "she is by far the most politically savvy person on the show" — McCain added that, talent aside, she was "a really good person." More than that, though, she continued with a chuckle, Hostin is "the only cast member I still have a relationship with." McCain also revealed that while their conversations might not be as regular anymore, when they do speak, it's the stuff of tight friendships. Such was the case when they recently had a "very personal" conversation about motherhood via text.

McCain was forthcoming about not having a relationship with all her former co-stars. However, she was quick to note that she still had the utmost respect for Whoopi Goldberg, in particular. "I will never ... disrespect her or be negative towards her," she declared. However, don't expect to see McCain make a guest appearance on "The View" any time soon. As she told Entertainment Tonight in September 2021, "No. No, thank you so much, no." McCain may have gained an enduring friendship with Hostin from "The View," but as she told King, she's done with the show. "I've moved on."