Meghan McCain Speaks Out After Exiting The View

The news is out: Meghan McCain will leave "The View" after four seasons. Before announcing that she would be leaving the show, rumors of an exit had been swirling for some time. McCain broke her silence on the matter, thus putting rumors to an end on July 1. The conservative personality shared the news on the show's set, stating that it was not an easy decision for her to make.

"It took a lot of thought and counsel and prayer and talking to my family and my close friends. And you know, look, COVID has changed the world for all of us, and it changed the way — at least for me — the way I'm looking at life, the way I'm living my life, the way I want my life to look like," she shared. McCain also said that moving to Washington, D.C. from New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic also solidified her decision to leave. She shared that Washington D.C. is a place where she has a lot of family and friends, and it's great to have a support system to share the first milestones of her daughter Liberty with people she loves. McCain also shared that she was thankful for the position, and it was her father, the late John McCain, who initially nudged her to accept the job.

While some co-stars may be happy McCain is leaving, at least Sara Haines said she'll miss McCain. Keep scrolling to see what McCain has to say now.

Meghan McCain is 'taking big risks'

While Meghan McCain may be leaving her post at "The View," she will likely be using her social media platforms to continue to speak her mind. Shortly after announcing her exit from the series, she did just that, using Twitter to share a message with fans. "So much chatter, so much gossip, so many, many, many questions people are asking me this past week," she wrote. "I pride myself on always taking big risks, rolling the dice, and making unpredictable life and career choices." McCain also noted that she's "never fit in a box, and I never will." The outspoken star ended the post with the quote "Live free or die," followed by an American flag emoji. It comes as no surprise that the post has attracted many comments from McCain's supporters, garnering a lot of retweets and favorites.

However, the post also received plenty of criticism, with many stating that it's easy for her to leave since she comes from a wealthy family and won't exactly be strapped for cash in-between jobs. "More like a rich girl having everything handed to you on a silver platter, because your Dad was respectable and honorable. the only dice you rolled were gold dice," one person wrote. "It's not really taking a risk when you have family money to back you up," one more chimed in. At this point, McCain has not responded to her fans or critics.

Meghan McCain's co-stars had enough prior to her exit

All good things must come to an end, but some people didn't necessarily think Meghan McCain's time on "The View" was all that great. Before McCain exited the show, things had come to a boiling point. As many viewers will recall, McCain and Joy Behar got in a big blowout fight over anti-semitism. It almost matched the conflict between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O'Donnell, but that's a different story for a different day. An insider told Page Six that several cast members called for an emergency meeting to give McCain, the lone conservative on the panel, the boot.

"It happened as soon as [new ABC News President] Kim [Godwin] came in," the insider told the outlet. "It was right after Joy and Meghan's huge [on-air] blow-up [in May] where the network called an emergency meeting. They told new management, 'We don't want to work with her anymore.'" The source shared that Joy Behar, Ana Navarro, and even Whoopi Goldberg had had enough of McCain. "Everyone was at their wits' end — even Whoopi, and she's the chillest of them all. Whoopi is never going to advocate for anyone to get fired," the source shared. "She's not about that, but she was very clear that she no longer wanted to work with Meghan."

Whether she was forced to resign or did it independently, McCain will surely be happy because she'll get to spend more time with family.

Meghan McCain seems focused on her daughter

Amid her exit from "The View," Meghan McCain has been keeping busy with her adorable daughter, Liberty. The talk show host never shies away from posting photos of the adorable tot on Instagram, and that was certainly the case even before she announced that she would be leaving "The View." 

In the middle of July, McCain shared a very patriotic post (and would we expect anything different from her?) of little Liberty Bell hanging out in the sunshine. The tot sported a red, white, and blue romper and matching bow. A few red and blue balls surrounded Liberty, and she sat next to a balloon with red and white stripes and stars. The second photo in the set captured Liberty in the same outfit, and she grinned from ear to ear.

McCain shared a caption that pretty much any doting mother can relate to. "I was the parent who said they wouldn't be only sharing pictures of their baby so as not to be over the top.... But my little Liberty Bell had so many adorable first Fourth of July photos ~ I can't help it!" McCain wrote on the update. Fans flocked to the comments section (which is the virtual way of pinching babies' cheeks these days) to shower it with love. "She's adorable ... I'm the same way with pictures of my 6 grandchildren and number 7 on the way," one wrote. Here's to more Liberty and less drama!