Queen Elizabeth Makes Another Last-Minute Attendance Decision

Queen Elizabeth II became Britain's longest-reigning monarch in 2015, overtaking her great-great-grandmother, Victoria. During her 70 years as queen, she's suffered her share of trials and tribulations — though she's always managed to place duty first. However, of all the anni horribiles she's faced, the last couple has to top the list.

In March 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Oprah interview rocked the monarchy. The following month, Prince Philip died, and watching the queen sit alone on a bench in a near-empty chapel (due to COVID restrictions) to bid farewell to her husband of 73 years was heartbreaking. In October, the 96-year-old was also banned from enjoying her regular evening martini, and by November time, she sprained her back. 2022 was kicked off with Elizabeth receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis — on top of relieving her favorite son, Prince Andrew, from public duties after his legal scandal.

So, it's no surprise she's not been spotted out too much. Prince Charles and William have had to stand in for many of her official duties. Her Majesty the Queen, however, has been making some surprise appearances recently and, in proving she's the ultimate comeback queen, Elizabeth has made another last-minute attendance decision.

Queen Elizabeth makes a surprise floral attendance

Queen Elizabeth has made another last-minute attendance decision to ensure she keeps everybody on their toes. The queen has spent considerable periods out of public view in recent memory. But, as June's Platinum Jubilee weekend edges closer, she's been slowly re-emerging into the public again. 

On May 23, however, Her Majesty surprised everyone by appearing at the iconic Chelsea Flower Show. "Buckingham Palace recently stated the queen's decisions regarding attending events will start to become more last-minute due to ongoing mobility problems," a Daily Mail reporter tweeted. A journalist for the Sunday Times shared that "several members of her family" were also stopping to smell the roses. "A busy few days for The Queen who has just arrived at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show — an event she has attended since she was a child," Royal Central also noted. In a video, the Queen was clad in pink and was being driven around the show in a buggy.

In March, Her Majesty the Queen partook in her first public outing in six months to attend Prince Philip's memorial service. In May, she popped up at the annual Royal Windsor Horse Show and then a week later in Paddington, London to "mark the completion of the Elizabeth [subway] line" (via BBC).