Prince Charles And Camilla's Joint Cameo On An Iconic TV Show Has Fans Going Wild

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are pros at being photographed and filmed. Between them, they regularly make public appearances as the cameras are rolling. In addition, Charles has conducted multiple TV interviews, some with better results than others. However, the future queen consort and king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are complete amateurs at showing off their acting chops on TV. Plus, it's safe to assume they're also not au fait with propping up the bar at the local boozer and sharing a pint with the hoi polloi.

Charles and Camilla are making their acting debut during an episode of the long-running and popular soap opera "Eastenders." The couple is used to attending operas, but appearing in them, especially when they involve soap, is a whole new experience. However, that's precisely what they're doing, in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The British soap opera is pretty much nothing at all like U.S. soap operas. "Eastenders" has less attractive and definitely less glamorous actors, along with really dark and depressing storylines. An excessive amount of murders occur, and multiple dead bodies are buried under Albert Square in Walford, a fictitious east London borough. Also, the soap is mainly set in the pub or the launderette, where characters spend their time drinking, complaining, arguing, and generally shaming themselves. So, given Prince Charles' scandal-plagued past, the royals should fit right in! It's hardly surprising that Prince Charles and Camilla's "Eastenders" joint cameo has fans going wild.

Prince Charles and Camilla make their soap debut

"Eastenders" has been building up to Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' joint cameo. They went Insta official on May 22, posting a pic of Charles and Camilla sandwiched between Mick Carter and his estranged wife Linda Carter, the alcoholic owner of The Queen Vic pub. "Albert Square is about to receive its most famous visitors yet, as The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall make a very special appearance," the BBC announced, sharing that scenes were filmed in March.

On May 26, the BBC posted a trailer, and fans have been going wild in various ways. The comments are a mixed bag with pro-royal, anti-royal, and LOL British sarcasm/passive aggression. "Only watching if it turns out Charles had an affair with Peggy and is secretly Sam Mitchell's dad, and Camilla is wanting a family reunion," one wrote, combining the soap's wild plotlines with the royals' shenanigans. "Ugh, I know they have to be respectful to them, but god, this is gonna be traumatising to watch," another commented.

Some noted the glaring lack of Princess Diana memorabilia that's usually permanently plastered all around the pub. "They have removed every sight of Diana in that Vic and replaced it with a picture of the queen? that's so suspicious. their dog was even called lady di!" a fan wrote. "It's not wrong life moves on; it's part of the show and celebrations," a reply read. "Jesus Christ," somebody else wrote, keeping it short and simple.