Sandra Bullock Played An Unexpected Role In Machine Gun Kelly's Prank On Pete Davidson

When it comes to Hollywood relationships, pop culture enthusiasts are mainly drawn to famous romantic relationships, like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds or Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. But aside from the numerous love stories within the industry, Hollywood is also filled with iconic bromances that give the aforementioned relationships a run for their money. From Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, these friendships have stood the test of time. However, one of the most popular bromances is the one between Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson.

Like many relationships, MGK and Davidson's bond spawned after a chance meeting — which in their case was a taping of the hit MTV show "Wild 'N Out." A few years after their appearance on the show, the two reconnected on the set of their film "The Dirt" — the film based on the famous glam metal band Mötley Crüe. In a 2017 interview with Billboard, Kelly opened up about the things they bonded while filming the project, stating, "We were both like super stoners, we were both ... we listen to the same music, so that's my boy." Over the years, their bromance has continued to strengthen, which has resulted in hilarious moments between the two — including one awkward encounter with Sandra Bullock.

Machine Gun Kelly pranked Pete Davidson with an invite to Sandra Bullock's Easter party

Since the late 2010s, Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly have been two peas in a pod within the entertainment sphere. From attending some of the hottest places in Hollywood to collaborating on music videos, this dynamic duo has become an unstoppable force. However, alongside their lavish lifestyle, the two longtime friends have always kept their bromance exciting with their hilarious pranks.

During his recent appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," Kelly opened up about his Easter prank on Davidson — which involved movie icon Sandra Bullock. "There was this one Easter, and I was like 'Hey Pete, you gotta come, let's go to my friend's house for Easter," he explained. But due to Kelly not specifying the host of the party, Davidson brought 40 oz bottles of alcohol. "We went, and it was Sandra Bullock's house, and we walked in, and it's like Jen Aniston ... and Pete was like 'Why would you do this to me? We look so stupid,'" he continued.

Aside from their pranks, Kelly has opened up about his love for Davidson on numerous occasions and even said that the comedian will be in his wedding to fiancée Megan Fox. "I think Pete's absolutely gonna be standing there with me. We should just mic him for commentary anyway," he said on "The Howard Stern Show." Here's to more brotherly love between Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson.