Why Jeopardy! Fans Think A Major Hosting Announcement Is On The Way

It's been nearly a year since beloved television personality Alec Trebek's tragic death, and the "Jeopardy!" hosting situation still remains under a microscope. However, fans of the popular game show think that a major hosting announcement is on the way.

Following Trebek's passing, the show went on a hunt for a new moderator, cycling through a series of celebrity guest hosts. It was later announced that hosting duties for the long-running show would be split between then-executive producer Mike Richards, and actor Mayim Bialik. Richards was set to moderate the quiz show full-time, while Bialik was set to take over the gig for primetime episodes and special features. However, Richards' appointment was short-lived, and he exited the role after inappropriate comments he made on a podcast in 2013 resurfaced, per the New York Post.

To replace Richards, Sony Pictures tapped former "Jeopardy!" champion Ken Jennings, and the alum shared hosting duties alongside Bialik until he announced in May he was taking an extended break as co-host. "Jeopardy!" fans now believe that a major hosting shake-up is underway and that a big announcement will happen soon.

Fans think Ken Jennings will be the permanent host

"Jeopardy!" fans are in a frenzy after one of the show's current co-hosts, Ken Jennings, hinted at a possible return to an unnamed television production. During a conversation on his "Omnibus" podcast, Jennings said that he would be returning to TV very soon. 

"I'm playing 4-D chess every time I go get a haircut," Jennings said, per Newsweek. "Because I'm going to be on TV in three weeks but they're not going to cut my hair for it, which means I have to have it the exact right length. But a month thereafter, I'm going to be on... I've got to do 'Jeopardy!' again, but they will trim it that day. So then I can get back down. There's a lot of math that goes into this."

After the declaration, fans began to speculate about Jennings being named the permanent host upon his return to the quiz show. "Season 39 and Celebrity Jeopardy!?" one Redditor exclaimed. However, some fans were hesitant to celebrate, as there has not been a formal announcement made on the matter. Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that Mike Richard's hosting appointment was announced late. "In fairness, I don't think they announced Mike Richards as host until a day or two before he taped his first episodes," a fan commented, adding, "Though considering how the rest of that week played out, not sure that's the template they should be using."