Tom Hiddleston Finally Confirms What We Suspected About His Relationship

Tom Hiddleston has given a major relationship update after months of fan speculation. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star and his partner, fellow actor Zawe Ashton, first met as they starred opposite each other in a Broadway production of "Betrayal" in 2019, per Us Weekly. By 2021, Hiddleston and Ashton had made their red carpet debut as a couple. Since the start of their union, the actors have largely kept their romance under wraps. Hiddleston explained his desire to separate his personal life from his public image during a 2017 interview with The Telegraph.

"Everyone is entitled to a private life," Hiddleston said, before adding, "My work is in the public sphere and I have a private life. And those two things are separate." In March 2022, news publications such as CNN wrote that Hiddleston and Ashton had become engaged after the two appeared at the 2022 British Academy of Film and Television Awards. Ashton was wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger at the event, which resulted in this news breaking.

Now, three months later, Hiddleston has finally spoken publicly about this rumor. 

Tom Hiddleston is indeed engaged to Zawe Ashton

It's official – Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton are engaged! Hiddleston confirmed this in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I'm very happy," Hiddleston simply stated when asked about the engagement. In March, when rumors of their engagement first emerged, a source who worked with the couple for the Broadway production of "Betrayal" spoke to People about the "lovely" chemistry the actors always shared. "Tom has always been a very, very private person," the insider explained. "Behind the scenes, they would just privately be affectionate and hugging and sitting next to each other and holding hands." 

Hiddleston's proposal to Ashton follows previous relationships with fellow performers, like his romance with Taylor Swift. This union ended in late 2016 after the two were together for three months, per Us Weekly. Now that Hiddleston has found his lifelong partner in Ashton, their impending marriage sounds like it could lead to having a family one day. "I would like to have a baby," Ashton told Bustle in 2019, before adding that having a child was at the time "not in the works, and ... not being planned."

Whatever their future plans may be, congratulations to the couple on the blissful married life that lies ahead for them!