Heidi Montag Shares An Exciting Update About Her Pregnancy

Big news: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have revealed the sex of "Speidi" baby number two! Pratt and Montag first announced their second pregnancy back in June, and the couple couldn't be more excited to expand their family.

"I have been hoping and praying for this moment for so long!" Montag rejoiced on her Instagram when she shared the news. "Once I saw the word 'pregnant' I started hysterically crying, overwhelmed with joy and shock and I sprinted upstairs to show Spencer. I couldn't believe I was pregnant again!"

After the reality TV royalty had their first son, Gunner, back in 2017, Montag and Pratt sadly experienced fertility issues. But with a whole lot of willpower — including Montag actually eating raw bison heart to help with her fertility— the couple was finally blessed with a second pregnancy. "Gunner asked me why I was crying and I told him I was so happy because he is going to be a big brother!" Montag continued on her Instagram. So, will baby number two be a boy or a girl?!

Heidi and Spencer will be welcoming a second boy to the world!

After working so hard to get pregnant again, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are excited to announce the sex of their second child. The couple exclusively divulged to Us Weekly that they are going to have a boy!

Apparently, Montag was guessing that she was pregnant with a little girl. "I was going back and forth because everything felt the same as [when I was pregnant with] Gunner," she told Us Weekly. "... But then when I found out it's a boy — when the shock wore off — I couldn't be happier because ultimately my biggest prayer was whatever would be the best for Gunner."

This joyous pregnancy news is certainly welcome, especially with all of the recent drama resurfacing about how Montag and Pratt were treated on the set of "The Hills." Although the two are now happy parents, they were once considered to be the ultimate TV villains. Earlier this year, Pratt revealed that many of their plot lines on "The Hills" were created by producers to purposefully make Montag and Pratt look bad, per the Daily Mail. One time, they even fabricated a pregnancy scare for Heidi. But this pregnancy storyline is completely real. Montag and Pratt are moving forward with their lives and focusing on their growing family.