How Kanye West Made His Triumphant Return To Instagram

Kanye "Ye" West's Instagram page has historically served as his platform for call-outs and drama. As Buzzfeed News recounts, Ye went on a tirade against Kim Kardashian's new man, Pete Davidson, in early 2022. Following Ye's constant stream of attack posts, which sparked online abuse from the rapper's fans, Davidson made the decision to delete his Instagram account.

Notably, Ye also lost access to his. Rolling Stone reported that Instagram had issued a 24-hour ban against Ye, citing his violation of their policies on bullying, harassment, and hate speech. Beyond his comments toward Davidson, Ye also directed a slur at Trevor Noah, who called out the "Donda" hitmaker's cyberbullying behavior on "The Daily Show." The rapper was prevented from posting pictures or comments, as well as sending DMs, for an entire day.

Although full access to his account was restored in March, Ye has remained fairly silent. Just recently, however, Ye formally returned to the platform and issued another shout-out... but this time, it wasn't directed at "Skete." 

Kanye West praises an exec

Kanye "Ye" West's comeback Instagram post featured a screenshot of Bob Martin, the executive chairman of the clothing company Gap. Fortunately for Martin, this post was not the beginning of a meme campaign. The caption was filled with praise following a phone call the rapper had with leadership in the company.

"Bob Martin was one of the most inspiring people I've heard speak in business," the caption read in part. "I came to Gap to put good product directly in stores. We've had 2 of the biggest sales day in Gap history since I've been there ... Bob I need to meet with you as soon as possible." Ye also noted that the fateful phone call occurred on the birthday of Donda West, his late mother.

Ye's praise of Gap may be at odds with the reality of the company. The Los Angeles Times shared recently that Gap's CEO Sonia Syngal was forced to step down, potentially due to her failure to revive the company's dwindling sales. Bloomberg noted that although Gap's deal with Yeezy is veiled at $970 million, Ye's propensity for controversy serves as a major risk for the company. Despite the rapper's Instagram claim that they sold $14 million worth of hoodies, Vulture reports that the deal has not generated significant results. It appears Martin has not yet responded to Ye's post — although, notably, it also appears that the 72-year-old does not have an Instagram account.