Lindsie Chrisley Proves She's Still Close With One Relative Amid Family Estrangement

It's no secret that Lindsie Chrisley has been estranged from her famous family for years. However, it appears that Todd Chrisley's eldest child has rekindled a relationship with at least one of her relatives. 

The truth about Lindsie's falling out with the extended Chrisley family is long and well-documented. After all, this household does have a penchant for opening up to their fans. Over the years, fans have witnessed a never-ending mudslinging contest between Lindsie and her father. In a 2021 interview with PeopleTV's Reality Check, the patriarch accused his daughter of being "the catalyst for this whole tax investigation." Said investigation has since seen both Todd and wife Julie Chrisley found guilty. In light of that, he believed it would be impossible to "get past" his hurt. Seemingly, the feelings were mutual. Soon after the interview was released, Lindsie declared that she would never reconcile with her father. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about the possibility of making up, she shared, "at this point, there will be no chance." She also vowed to keep responding publicly to anything said about her by her father, stepmother or siblings. 

However, even with such a rocky history, a recent development has got many "Chrisley Knows Best" fans to question if Lindsie has had a change of heart, after all ...

Lindsie Chrisley hangs out with Nanny Faye

Given all that's happened between Lindsie Chrisley and her family over the years, many were shocked when she shared a video of herself and paternal grandmother, Nanny Faye, via Instagram. In a video, both Faye and Lindsie laugh over something said off-camera. It's pretty clear they're comfortable in each other's company. 

The grandmother-granddaughter date comes after Todd Chrisley revealed that his mother has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. Speaking on the "Chrisley Confessions" podcast, he shared that Faye had initially wanted to keep her diagnosis private. However, with the drama surrounding their case, the press had begun camping outside her home, and he felt he needed to speak up. "I would ask that the people that are doing this respect that she is 77 years old and that she is in a battle for her life."

In light of Faye's diagnosis, it only makes sense that Lindsie would want to be there for her grandmother. It appears as though she may be willing to reconcile with the rest of her family, too. On top of Lindsie testifying in her parents' favor during their fraud trial, she took to her podcast, "Coffee Convos," to acknowledge that saying a reconciliation was off the table had been "reckless" (via People). She further added, "I love my parents, I love my siblings, I love my grandmother." The Chrisleys are facing a ton of challenges at the moment — here's hoping family strife won't be one of them anymore.