Erika Girardi Has Landed In A Head-Turning Lawsuit With Nicolas Cage's Ex

Erika Girardi has nothing to lose and nothing to hide, or so she says. However, her recent legal troubles have some thinking she could stand to lose a bit more. In late June, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was ordered to hand over her $750,000 diamond earrings after a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge deemed them "stolen property." During the hearing, Judge Barry Russell said that "settlement funds from the trust account created for a class action handled by [Erika's ex-husband] Thomas' firm Girardi Keese were used to pay for the diamond earrings" (per Page Six).

Shortly after their late 2020 divorce, Erika's attorney ex-husband Tom Girardi was accused of misappropriating funds meant for his clients, partially funneling them to Erika's music career, where she moonlights as Erika Jayne. Some speculated that their divorce was a ruse to protect Erika from any legal fallout, although she's continued to face heat nevertheless. Some of Girardi Keese's former clients affected by the case include widows, orphans, and burn and plane crash victims, a list that's been parroted many a time by Erika's "RHOBH" co-stars as well as the show's incredulous viewers.

While Erika has made efforts to move on from the legal drama of the past year and a half, even proclaiming it's "time to smile a little bit," a new lawsuit is now standing in her way. This time, she's facing off against none other than the ex-girlfriend of Nicolas Cage, Christina Fulton.

Christina Fulton is suing Erika Girardi for receipt of stolen property

Erika Girardi might be sick of hearing about widows and orphans, but now she's catching a brand new case. Christina Fulton, who dated Nicolas Cage in the late '80s and early '90s, is suing Erika for claims of receipt of stolen property and theft. In particular, Fulton is accusing Erika of knowingly holding onto money her ex-husband Tom Girardi allegedly stole from clients, including herself, at his law firm, Girardi Keese. The firm previously represented Fulton in a 2016 case after she was in a car accident.

Much like similar lawsuits surrounding the Girardis over the past two years, Fulton's lawsuit says Erika's company, EJ Global LLC, "was created for the purpose of funneling money from Girardi Keese to benefit Erika." Erika previously boasted about keeping up her opulent lifestyle on and off "RHOBH," even touching on it in her music career. Before any of the legal issues came to light, she told E! that she spends $40,000 a month on the Erika Jayne persona.

Like her famous ex, Fulton is an actor herself. Most of her credits are from the '90s, most notably playing famous singer Nico in 1991's "The Doors." She also shares a son with Nicolas Cage, Weston Coppola Cage, who went on to play in a metal band. Fulton is mostly focusing on her beauty line these days, but this latest move will have her reentering headlines in a major way. Someone give her a diamond!