The Heartbreaking Health Issue Nick Cannon And Bre Tiesi's Son Faced Right After Birth

Nick Cannon has quite a family, and it appears as though he won't stop having kids anytime soon. The star has fathered eight kids with five different moms, and his lifestyle has been a hot topic of conversation. According to Billboard, Cannon chatted about fatherhood with Charlamagne Tha God on an episode of "The Breakfast Club," joking that he always wanted 12 kids before gushing over his brood. "The beauty of fatherhood, man, when you really talk about the essence of living as a father, I've learned so much just from my children," he shared. "And it's so amazing. And I really just love being around my kids and just that youthful energy. It feels like you get to relive every time."

Cannon and model Bre Tiesi announced the birth of their son, their first child together, via Instagram July 25. "I did it. An all natural unmedicated home birth," Tiesi wrote in the multi-photo post. "This was the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience. I can't thank my team enough for delivering my son safely." She added that the experience of giving birth changed her life forever and she applauded Cannon for all of his support throughout the process. "Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn't of done it without you," she wrote.

And even though the new trio seems to be doing well now, they encountered a pretty scary moment following their baby's birth.

Bre Tiesi details scary moment after son's birth

The birth of Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi's son didn't go off without a hitch. Tiesi took to her YouTube page to detail the delivery in an in-depth vlog. In one clip, she explained that the baby needed some "respiratory support" after he was born. Tiesi wrote, "Baby had a long crown caused by a nuchal hand (hand up by the ear)." She said that she "noticed he wasn't crying," and that's when the midwife had to intervene. Tiesi noted that once she heard the little boy crying, it was "the best sound" she "ever heard."

The model also detailed the unmedicated birth and how difficult it proved to be. "The intensity of birth takes over your whole body, and I swear I was pushing so hard screaming and crying I started to break, I started doubting I could do it I kept saying why won't he come, get him out," she revealed, adding that she "left" her body during the experiene. Luckily, mom and the baby boy seem to be doing well now, but the couple has yet to release his name. Instead, they have referred to him as "BabyC." 

Cannon, whose son Zen died in December 2021, has not announced the birth of his eighth child on Instagram. However, he shares plenty of photos of his other kiddos on the platform, and we imagine it will only be a matter of time until Baby C makes his debut.