Elisabeth Hasselbeck Proves To Her Former View Co-Stars She Hasn't Changed One Bit

When it comes to popular daytime talk shows, an array of series come to mind. From "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and "Dr. Phil" to "The Wendy Williams Show" and "The Real", the options have been endless for pop culture enthusiasts looking for "Hot Topics." However, one of the biggest daytime talk show's to grace our screens is "The View." Since its debut in 1997, the show has added commentary to various political and entertainment topics. However the most popular aspects of the show is the interactions between its diverse and influential panel. Across its 25 seasons, The View has featured various hosts that have shaken the table, so to speak, with their controversial opinions and talking points.

One of the most polarizing panelists to be featured on the series is none other than Elisabeth Hasselbeck. During her tenure, Hasselbeck was involved in multiple feuds with her co-hosts over her conservative viewpoints relating to women's reproductive rights and, most notably, the Iraq War. In 2013, the former "Fox and Friends" host was unceremoniously let go from the show – which reportedly left her completely shocked. "I could not breathe — literally, could not breathe," she wrote in her 2019 memoir "Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom" (via USA Today). "I was bent over —— shock, asthma, and betrayal all stealing my wind."

However, on August 3, Hasselbeck returned to the show after nearly a 10-year absence, and fans have noticed that things with Hasselbeck have hardly changed.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's one quirky habit remains

In July, it was announced that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would return to "The View" as a guest host. "It will be an honor to cohost "The View," share our bestselling children's book, "Flashlight Night," and, as always, tackle hot topics," she told People in a statement. On August 3, she finally made her controversial guest appearance on the long-running talk show — bringing back not only her conservative viewpoints, but also one notable quirk with her.

During the "Hot Topics" section, Hasselbeck related her love for Post-Its — which somehow translated to her disappointment with President Joe Biden and his administration. "I do love a Post-It. I actually have some that maybe Jill could use for our commander-in-chief," she said (via Decider). Amongst the various critiques, Hasselbeck wrote that "recession is real" and "Americans can't afford your America." But despite her lack of support for President Biden, one Post-It revealed that he has Hasselbeck's "prayers ... because it's a hard time and we should still be praying for our leaders."

Shortly after her appearance, fans took to social media to express their opinions on her return. One person wrote: "Hey, [The View] – the next time you guys think about inviting Elisabeth Hasselbeck back to the table, don't." Another fan tweeted: "Not Elisabeth Hasselbeck on [The View] ... I don't mind a conservative, but her?"