The Truth About Anne Heche's Children

"Dancing with the Stars" alum Anne Heche has kept her personal life relatively private over the years. However, in the wake of her fiery car accident, those following the story have begun looking into those she's closest to — including her two sons. 

When it comes to Heche's personal life, she's most often associated with her ex-girlfriend, Ellen DeGeneres, even though they broke up more than 20 years ago. Heche has previously spoken about the effect their relationship had on both her life and her career. In an August 2020 interview with Mr. Warburton, she described their time together as "a beautiful time in my life." The actor also gushed over being a part of such an important moment for the LGBTQIA+ community when she and DeGeneres made their red carpet debut as a couple. That said, she has also noted that her career took a hit after their debut. Speaking to Page Six, Heche described herself as "patient zero in cancel culture," explaining that for a long time, she was essentially blacklisted in Hollywood.

However, despite Heche's relationship with DeGeneres being her most prominent since their split she's gone on to have several other relationships. Two of those saw her welcome her sons, Homer Laffoon and Atlas Tupper — but what do we know about her beloved boys?

Anne fought hard for custody of both of her sons

Unfortunately for Anne Heche, raising her sons hasn't always been an easy ride. Far from it, she's fought two intense custody battles over the years. 

Shortly after her break up from Ellen DeGeneres, Heche went on to marry Coley Laffoon and together they welcomed their son, Homer Laffoon. Per People, one month on from Heche's announcement that they had separated, Coley filed for divorce. From there, a drawn-out custody battle ensued. According to TMZ, Coley accused his estranged wife of "poor parenting skills," as well as "bizarre and delusional behavior." Two years later, Heche slammed her ex-husband as a "lazy a**" on "Late Show with David Letterman" (via TMZ). Ultimately, per TMZ, the former couple got shared custody, as long as Homer stayed in Los Angeles. 

At the time of that custody battle, Heche had the full support of her then-boyfriend, James Tupper. Per Irish Examiner, he gushed over her dedication "to all the good things." He and Heche went on to have a son of their own, Atlas Tupper. However, when Heche and James called it quits after 10 years together, they, too, went through a tough fight for custody. According to court documents published by Daily Mail, Heche accused James of locking her and Atlas out of their home. James denied the claims — and, per an email obtained by Radar, hinted that the suggestion may have been, "linked to extended drug use." 

... and it seems they have a close relationship

Custody drama aside, it appears as though Anne Heche has an extremely close bond with both of her sons. 

Over the years, the actor's Instagram followers have caught glimpses into that bond. From sweet Valentine's Day dinners and car ride sing-alongs with Atlas Tupper to posts gushing over both of her boys' "Monumental Birthdays," it's clear Heche is one proud mama. Most recently, she shared a picture of the three of them at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, with the caption, "#luckiestmom." 

In the wake of Heche's post-accident health condition taking a turn for the worse, a source told ET that Homer Laffoon is doing everything he can to ensure his mother gets the "best care" available. "He's being as strong as he can be," they said of the now-20-year-old. As for the 13-year-old Tupper, his dad has taken to Instagram to share well-wishes with his ex. Alongside a picture of Heche with their son, the "Big Little Lies" actor wrote, "Thoughts and prayers for this lovely woman, actress and mother." We're sending our love to both of Heche's sons during this time, and hoping for a complete recovery for the actor. 

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