What Happened To Kevin Lee From RHOBH?

It's been a minute since "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" fans saw event planner extraordinaire Kevin Lee on their screens — so what's he been up to since making his last appearance?

As longtime fans of the show will remember, Lee famously planned the wedding of Lisa Vanderpump's daughter, Pandora. And, for those who don't, his official showreel — or, as his production company calls it, his sizzle reel — is an essential catcher-upper. Known for his quip, "Beverly Hills darling, shi shi shi shi shi," Lee was a hit with the Housewives and viewers alike. More than one Reddit thread has called for a return of the event planner, with one lamenting, "Why do we not talk about this man? His scenes were so entertaining.. #justiceforkevinlee." Another complained, "I wish we got to see more of him." 

Lee's popularity on the show was hardly surprising, though. As a party planner to the who's who of Hollywood, Lee has long had an impact on pop culture. In fact, as Bravo's The Daily Dish revealed in 2016, he was the inspiration for Martin Short's Franck Eggelhoffer in "Father of the Bride." And, just in case anyone thought Short may have exaggerated his performance, think again. Lee himself told the publication, "It was totally me, it's me ... He captured my character so well and I was overwhelmed." With such an iconic character based on him, it only makes sense that Lee was a fan favorite on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ... so, what happened? 

A reality TV appearance landed him in hot water

Shi shi sheesh!

Let's get one thing straight. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was just one of many reality shows that featured Kevin Lee. He also featured in "Million Dollar Listing NY" as an exasperated wedding planner to Ryan Serhant and Emilia Bechrakis, and even had a spinoff of his own, "Brides of Beverly Hills." The latter was short-lived, however, and per IMDb, seems to have only been aired in Canada. However, Lee's appearance in a Season 6 episode of "Vanderpump Rules" may have sealed his reality TV fate. 

In an exchange with Katie Maloney at a party for Lisa Vanderpump, Lee body-shamed Maloney, quipping, "What happened? You were much thinner than this. You gained a little bit of weight. You have to work on it" (via People). Unsurprisingly, the comments didn't go down well. In an interview with Us Weekly, Maloney shared that she was in shock during the interaction, and that the ordeal "was very uncomfortable." As for Lee, he dug a deeper hole for himself when he addressed the situation with Page Six. Though he told the outlet he hadn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings, he also said that Maloney's response was "kind of weird." He also suggested that Maloney had overreacted, adding, "She's very sensitive these days." We haven't seen Lee on our screens since.

He's still planning events — just sans camera crews

Kevin Lee's comments on "Vanderpump Rules" may have prompted his exit (or, at least, a hiatus) from reality TV, but they don't seem to have affected his event planning business. Far from it, as a quick scan through his professional Instagram profile shows his firm has continued to coordinate events for the rich and fabulous. 

Notably, it also seems as though his friendship with Lisa Vanderpump has never wavered. Back in 2018, he shared a picture to Instagram of Vanderpump blowing out a candle, along with the caption, "We love our Lisa V!!!" In 2020, his firm planned a dinner party for the restaurateur, where Lee and Vanderpump posed together for a selfie. More recently, Lee attended the opening of Vanderpump à Paris in Las Vegas. Once again, the two posed together, with Lee writing, "Love you my dear Lisa." 

However, a continued friendship doesn't necessarily mean we should expect a return from Lee soon. Both his personal and professional Instagram accounts prevent users from commenting on his posts, and based on conversations had on Reddit, it doesn't seem like fans have forgotten the shade he threw Katie Maloney's way. In response to a user reminiscing on how "entertaining" he had been on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," another retorted, "Kevin lee was entertaining until he fat shamed Katie in a disgusting way so he can just skip right off my screen." Guess we won't be shi shi shi'ing him in the near future!