Teresa Giudice Has Predictably Shady Response To Melissa And Joe Gorga's Wedding Absence

Teresa Giudice has finally addressed Joe and Melissa Gorga's absence at her wedding to Luis "Louie" Ruelas. And, as would be expected, her take is as shady as can be. 

News of the Gorgas' decision to ditch the wedding first broke on August 5, aka the day before. Insiders told Page Six the decision came after "a very tense 'Housewives' finale filmed earlier [that] week." Initially, neither the Gorgas nor the soon-to-be-wed couple had a comment. However, unsurprisingly, that was short-lived. Two days post-wedding, the Gorgas broke their silence on the "Melissa Gorga on Display" podcast. There, they confirmed that Page Six and other publications were on the right track, though Melissa was quick to point out that, "No one yet has the full entire story." The Gorgas also commented on the social media rumor that Giudice and Ruelas had sent them a bill for pulling out of the wedding so late. "That is not true," Melissa laughed. The next day, Ruelas confirmed that update. In response to an Instagram post regarding the rumor, he wrote, "We would never in a million years ask for money from Joe and Melissa – we are not petty. Joe and Melissa were missed." 

Despite both Gorgas and Ruelas speaking out, one person who's opted to stay mum on the matter thus far has been the bride herself. Instead of speaking out, it seems Giudice has been dedicated to basking in her oft-quoted "love bubble," now with a newlywed twist. Well, until now, that is. 

Teresa Giudice issues some 'Que sera, sera' inspired shade

Married life isn't the only thing Teresa Giudice is settling into these days. She also has a new podcast in the works, co-hosted by Melissa Pfeister — and it was in the teaser episode that she finally addressed the Gorgas bailing on her wedding

Titled, "Love, Love, Love the Wedding Guests," the sneak peek for "Namaste B$tches" made one thing abundantly clear: whether the Gorgas came or not, Giudice was unfazed. "The way everything played out with my wedding ... is the way it was supposed to be," she declared. "Que sera, sera" shadiness at its finest. Giudice also gushed that her co-host was preordained to have a place in her life. "I got a Melissa that loves me, I love her back, and it's so beautiful ... you see how God works?" she mused. (Someone in Jersey, check on Melissa Gorga!)

At the time of this writing, the Gorgas had yet to respond directly to Giudice's comments. However, both shared fan responses to their own podcast episode via their Instagram Stories. Mrs. Gorga shared a screenshot of a fan lauding them for being "two of the classiest people" in how they dealt with the situation. Joe, meanwhile, shared a Story from a fan who wrote that it, "Truly breaks my heart to hear the pain in @joeygorga's voice." With Giudice currently on honeymoon in Greece, we're not expecting her to weigh in any further. At least, unless she's meant to. It's all up to fate!