Casey Affleck Warmly Welcomes Jennifer Lopez To The Family After Skipping Wedding

A-list celebrities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are undoubtably among Hollywood's biggest super-couples and one of the most intriguing love stories of the 21st century. Widely known as "Bennifer," the two entertainers had a highly publicized, 18-month romantic liaison from 2002 to 2004, which culminated in an engagement, followed by a breakup. However, they continued to speak highly of each other, and many fans even speculated (and hoped) that the two might eventually get back together in the end, despite each of them marrying and having children with other partners in the meantime. 

Nonetheless, fans' dreams were at long last fulfilled when the two were spotted in public together in April 2021, shortly after Lopez's split from baseball great Alex Rodriguez. Several months later, photos circulated of the couple kissing, confirming they were back on. In April, Lopez revealed they were engaged, and they officially got married in Las Vegas in July — more than 20 years after their initial romance. This was followed by a lavish wedding ceremony in Georgia the weekend of August 20.

However, there was one notable absence from their wedding: Casey Affleck, Ben's brother and only sibling. This understandably threw fuel at the rumors that he did not approve of his brother's new relationship. However, it seems as though Casey has reversed course, and, after much silence, has now warmly welcomed his new sister-in-law into the family.

Casey Affleck paid tribute to Jennifer Lopez on social media

On August 20, the day of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's long-awaited wedding ceremony, Casey Affleck was spotted in Los Angeles, far away from the ceremony in Georgia, according to Page Six. When asked why he was not there, Casey uncomfortably mumbled something that apparently sounded like, "I have other things," and then drove away. Ultimately, another source told Page Six that Casey missed his brother's wedding ceremony "because of family, parental obligations at home." 

However, it appears as though whatever rift may have existed between Casey and his brother Ben have been mended, as Casey took to Instagram late the following day to convey his happiness for the newlywed couple. "Good things are worth waiting for," he wrote in the post, alongside a picture of the three of them from the early 2000s, when his brother and Lopez were first dating. 

"Here is to twists and turns, new beginnings, and finding new reservoirs of old love," the actor continued. "Welcome to the family." Casey then addressed his new sister-in-law by name, writing, "Jen, you are a gem. We love you so much!!!" He appropriately followed this sentiment with a heart emoji. In the end, it appears as though the love for Bennifer is only growing stronger, both inside the family and out.