Bethenny Frankel Weighs In On Spencer Pratt's Rudest Celebrity Claim Against Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow may have played one of the most beloved characters on the hit show "Friends" with her iconic role as Phoebe Buffay, but that doesn't mean that the light-hearted personality of her character in the show necessarily matches her personality in real life. In September, "The Hills" star Spencer Pratt answered a fan question on TikTok about the "rudest" celebrity he's ever met, which he named Lisa Kudrow. Similarly to how JoJo Siwa famously called Candace Cameron Bure the rudest celebrity, she's ever met.

In a second video, Pratt explained that he and his wife, Heidi Montag, met Kudrow at an NBC party in 2009, and the experience was less than pleasant. "Phoebe approaches, which was a little shocking since nobody had talked to us at all at the party," he shared in the now-viral TikTok clip. "Right in front of me, she tells Heidi, she needs to get away from me as fast as possible because I'm going to murder Heidi, and I have the eyes of a serial killer." At first, Pratt said they thought it might be a joke, but when Kudrow walked away after, they realized that it was not. He added, "That right there is the rudest moment I've ever encountered with a human being."

Bethenny Frankel caught wind of Pratt's TikTok uploads and commented, "That's crazy. She was on my talk show, and I had a crazy experience also." Frankel took to her own TikTok to spill the tea on her own encounter. 

Bethenny Frankel recalls unpleasant experience on her talk show

Shortly after Spencer Pratt dubbed the "Friends" star as the "rudest celebrity he's ever met," Bethenny Frankel recalled a not-so-great encounter that she had with the star. Like Pratt, "The Real Housewives of New York City" alum took to her TikTok page to spill the tea.

Back when Frankel had her self-titled daytime talk show, Kudrow appeared as a guest. Recalling the incident, Frankel shared, "She stood out as the person who wanted to be there least out of the entire run." The reality star thought that Kudrow had only agreed to be on the talk show because of a favor for someone. "I basically just was asking very basic normal questions, and you could tell she didn't want to be there. Which does make two of us." However, Frankel still made sure to give Kudrow the benefit of the doubt. "I'm sure Lisa Kudrow is a lovely person and a wonderful actress, and I, by no means, getting into her or piling onto anything with Spencer," she added.

As fans know, Frankel has never been one to shy away from speaking out on a topic or person who bugs her. On September 2, Frankel slammed the Kardashians for their use of photoshop in a TMZ interview, pointing out that their photoshopped Instagram images are "reckless" and not a realistic standard to set.