Nicki Swift Asks: Who Do You Wish Would Return To Acting The Most? - Exclusive Survey

From Robert Downey Jr. to Brendan Fraser, everyone loves a Hollywood comeback. Every so often, a once-celebrated actor rises from the ashes of career setbacks and personal struggles to be met with a surprising renaissance. Whether or not they've officially retired, there's just something about seeing someone thrive again after tough times. After a Venice Film Festival screening of his new film "The Whale" received a standing ovation, Fraser's tearful reaction led to a massive outpouring of support. At that same event, the former "Mummy" actor said, "Thank you for the warm reception. I'm looking forward to how this film makes a deep impression on everyone as much as it has on me." via the New York Times.

Fraser is far from the only performer making a comeback this year. After announcing her hiatus from acting in 2014, Cameron Diaz is set to make her big return in the aptly-named Netflix film "Back in Action." As for the music world, Britney Spears has released "Hold Me Closer" with Elton John, her first new song since the termination of her longtime conservatorship. However, whether due to retirement, a hiatus, or other commitments, there are still plenty more beloved actors who have yet to resume their craft. That's why Nicki Swift has conducted a survey of 595 people, asking which actor fans most want to see a return to the industry.

Fans want Jack Nicholson to shine once again

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but people are still hoping for Jack Nicholson's grand return to cinema. Despite his unofficial retirement due to memory issues, the "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" actor swept our survey with over 34% of the votes. Nicholson's last film, 2010's "How Do You Know," was a box office bomb with negative reviews, and if he were interested, one last movie could conclude his career on a high note.

Daniel Day-Lewis came in second place with 22%, having retired after 2017's "Phantom Thread." The three-time Oscar winner's presence is sorely missed, especially given how quiet he's remained in his personal life. Eva Mendes rounded out the top three with 16%, with her last film role being 2014's Ryan Gosling-directed "Lost River." Although she lent her voice to one episode of the animated series "Bluey" in 2021, the "Hitch" actor seems content in her retirement.

Lastly, teen movie queens Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen nabbed 15% of the vote, while Amanda Bynes received 12%. The Olsen twins are focused on fashion, passing on the "Full House" revival and letting younger sister Elizabeth take over the acting world. As for Bynes, who was recently released from her own conservatorship, interest in former Nickelodeon stars is at an all-time high. While she shares the Olsens' passion for fashion over acting, her potential return would certainly be welcomed with open arms.