The Truth About Seth Rogen's Feud With Justin Bieber

It seems like just the other day that Justin Bieber was on the receiving end of Seth Rogen's wrath, but what ever came of this feud?

As a refresher, 2014 was a tricky time for the Biebs. In January, he egged a neighbor's house. According to BBC News, that stunt earned him two years' probation, required community service and a hefty fine. Not even two weeks later, he found himself in trouble with the law, once again. This time, Bieber was arrested for drag racing in Miami, as well as a DUI. Suffice it to say, many were unimpressed by his actions ... and Seth Rogen was one of them. The comedian's first shot fired came in the form of a tweet. "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of s***," he wrote. However, he didn't stop there. In a March episode of "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Rogen reiterated his distaste for the singer. "He seems like he's obnoxious and ungrateful, insincere, and he puts people's lives at danger," he said, via MTV

With the funnyman subsequently going on to share similar sentiments on a range of other talk shows, it soon became abundantly clear that Rogen had it in for the pop sensation — but was there more to this feud than many of us realized? And, where do these two stand today?

Seth Rogen felt snubbed by Justin Bieber

Seth Rogen's tweet may have been prompted by Justin Bieber's early 2014 behavior, but according to the comedian, the egging and DUI incidents were merely the final straw. 

In a conversation on "The Howard Stern Show," Rogen explained that his irritation with Bieber began when the two were backstage at a German talk show, years prior. "Someone literally came to the door and was like, 'Justin Bieber wants to meet you,'" he recounted. Rogen obliged — but it's safe to say the actual interaction was far from what he'd expected. "I went outside to meet him, and he was acting like asked to meet him!" he laughed, still taken aback by the exchange. That said, the "Superbad" writer joked that he was willing to let it slide, pointing out that while he didn't love the attitude, Bieber was young. However, two years later, he had another run-in with the "Baby" crooner. "I talked for him for, like, five minutes ... and I started thinking, like, f*** this kid," he recounted. 

In a surprisingly wholesome twist, Bieber himself addressed the tension via Twitter — and even offered an apology to his detractor. "Sorry I didnt bow down when I asked 2 meet u was probably a bit shy and didn't want to be over the top but still. love ur movies," he wrote. 

... but it seems Justin killed Seth with kindness

Evidently, Justin Bieber's tweet was a pretty effective strategy, as Seth Rogen revealed in a 2015 episode of The Ellen Show that he felt bad about dissing him so publicly. In fact, Rogen even went so far as to backtrack on his earlier comments. 

In spite of his assertions that he'd found his first two meetings with Bieber irritating (to say the least), the comedian told Ellen DeGeneres that actually wasn't the case. "I'd only met him once, very briefly, and it was honestly a very pleasant interaction," he laughed. As for why he chose to say anything to the contrary the year prior, Rogen admitted that he didn't know the answer to that. "I can't really tell you why I did it — I was inclined to do it in that moment ... and then I did it," he joked. However, he also reiterated that the entire situation was, "All my fault!" 

While it would certainly have been understandable for Bieber to have been frustrated by the entire ordeal, he seemed to be in good spirits about it. He even made an appearance at the end of the interview, donning a Rogen mask that had been sent out to promote "The Night Before." The two hugged it out for the audience, and we haven't heard about any tensions, since. Shout out to Justin Bieber for proving that sometimes, killing 'em with kindness really is the best way to do it!