Meghan Markle Faces Heat For Her Facial Expression At The Queen's Procession

Since touching down in the U.K. for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral services, the noise from Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex's detractors has been as loud as ever. 

On September 12, Piers Morgan published his latest tirade against Markle in the New York Post, urging Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex to "rein in your royals-trashing wife" in the headline, with certain corners of the Internet doing the same. All in all, it seems some people are more focused on criticizing Markle than honoring the late queen.

Prior to the release of the article, a parody Twitter account poked fun at the vitriol, writing, "BREAKING: The British media have explained they're extremely angry at Meghan Markle for turning up. They have also confirmed they would've been absolutely disgusted if she'd stayed home." Given their previous history, an equal or greater reaction to Markle's absence instead of attendance wouldn't be surprising. Now, as she returns to the country where the majority of her disapproval resides, people are finding a new bone to pick with Markle amid Elizabeth's procession.

Meghan Markle's supposed smirk sets off critics

Predictably, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex's appearance at Queen Elizabeth II's procession has (once again) people up in arms. 

The duchess is under fire for reportedly smirking as the Queen's coffin is moved to Westminster Hall. One tweet said, "The Witch had to have a smirk. She couldn't have [a] day that is not about her," accompanied by angry emojis and a photo of Markle standing behind Catherine, Princess of Wales. Another Twitter user wrote wrote, "It was, alas, too much to expect that respect be shown. This is the pictorial definition of a smirk."

However, others seem to think differently and are coming to Markle's defense. One quote tweet response read, "This attack on Markle is just unhinged and rather ugly. It also shows a distinct lack of respect for the solemnity of the mourning period." In the replies, some people remarked that Markle's expression didn't look like a smirk at all, adding, "That clearly isn't a smirk — it's a close approximation to a thoughtful look." 

Either way, this isn't the first time her body language has been dissected. While some have pointed out the obvious, like Markle's discomfort around other royals, others, such as The Body Language Guy, have previously characterized her expressions as "angry," "creepy," and even "disturbing." Overall, if the worst thing Markle can be accused of this week is maybe making a face, her visit is going better than expected.